Friday, June 19, 2009

End of my Year2 Mpharm course!

Oh yay!!finally exam result is out 2day.I'm glad that my results turned out to me satisfactory.PHew~~ las nite i was bit jittery wen i tot about this.This time i changed my strategy according to Mr. C advise.So, i was bit woory whether this is gnna work on me.thz god it turned out well.I'm so glad tha i took his advise. At least i wn't be so tense during exam period anymore.My heart beat wun rise up to its maximum anymore.It wun have to pumped so hard to supply enuff oxygen in my brain.hah.

Eneway, looking bek this 2years of pharm life, i'm glad that im still surviving well, except for more pimples popping out and getting crazier with my "cold joke".Im lucky to have a group of supportive friends that help me go through all the pits and falls especially this years. Our bonds get tighter and i feel that v r more like a "family" now.Really grateful to have knw them in my life.I will appreciate them more when we stay in UK which is coming soon. Really miss the days when we complain about how terrible the timetable was, how long and tiring was the lab session and how difficult the assignment and exam was. Without them, i guess the life in semenyih will be much tougher.

Now, i can confidentally said that im DONE my year 2 pharmacy course.HOORAY!!!only god will know how hard i've been struggle through these.I know it will be harder in the coming year but im sure that i can cope with it.What i need to do now is start preparing my visa and buying stuff that i need to bring to the UK.I really scared that i will over the weight limit.hehe.Working nowadays make me so tired. I onli got weekends to do my shopping.But i really hate shopping durng weekends.There will be any people hanging around even though d economy is so bad. I wonder whre all their money come from.hehe.Cause u can always hear people complaining that they got no money, full of loans and so on.And YET, they still buying all the expensive and branded clothes and blah blah blah.

Talking about my part time job now, im quite happy that i can learn and can an early exposure to the working life of a retail pharmacist. I guess i need to get some tuition on accounting, bussiness and management in order to be a successful retail pharmacist.I can see that all these are far more important than the pharmacist knowledge that he/she acquired in the past 4 years.People will onl buy medicine from you if u can offer them cheaper price.Only few will truly appreciate your services and come back to you.Im still observing now.Im still unsure about what sector that i wanna involved in future because sometimes retail can be boring as well.You will be doing d same thing and explaining in the same order almost everyday.The good thing is sometimes customer can be quite sweet and funny, so they help to ease our boredom, especially those uncles.So far, i only meet uncles and aunties visiting this pharmacy.No youngster around. Im quite pity those old folks especially if they need to take alot of pills everyday.Some of them take 5medicines and few supplements.I wonder how hard they swallow all those pills.Its gonna be really hurt and they need to do this 3times a day.Hopefully drugs cmpany can come out with more combined pills or in extended release form to reduce their burden and dose regimen.