Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helooo from nottingham

Finally, after two weeks,i get my own accomodation and officially settle down in this land.The whole process was horrible and hard and thanks to d support from all d ppl who cares and loves me, i managed to strive through.

Last week, i was still working in Boots pharmacy store in Beeston with uwen.Its was a torture really cz v just arrived two days ago and then v start working.Working there was a great great exposure.U get to see how they work and operate.u get to know the local people as well.Its not like what u imagine.Is really different but somehow, it leaves a great impact to me.Is really lucky to meet someone from ur own country there.And thanks to her, we get to learn and understand many things about the culture in UK.And she is so kind to invite us home and treated us sizzling hot noodle soup 4 lunch as it was really cold in the past 2weeks.

There were many funny things that we experienced cause we were not familiar with this country at when i think bek, it doesnt matter at all.

Funny thing is that i get hungry very easily here.Maybe is the cold weather or is because i walked alot after eating.Small burger is not enuff to satisfy my greedy stomach.untill now oso i cun accept this changes.lolz:)

I dislike the strong wind in uk.they made ur head go "ga-ga"!!but when the sun shines brightly during the afternoon, i will complain again.cause the hot sun makes me feel uncomfy.

Im kinda looking forward towards next week.i feel so much better 2day.not so stress and frust anymore.i can smell the air of freedom:)sometimes i really hate 2 hide my feelings just to make everyone's happy.i dunno why.but this is part of the social life and i cun do anything but 2 accept and learn how 2 deal with it.I feel that theer are many things that i need 2 improve in order 2 survive in this "world".

Next week would be our freshers' week and i guess i will have some interesting stories to share by then:)autumn is coming...wonder how this city would luks like with all the leaves in yellowish color.

I miss everyone of u.take care!