Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Chapter of Student Life?

I wished tat this would be the last one. At least right at this moment I have such feeling.

I'm so sick of the routine of student life. I dun wanna attend lectures, stdy, revise, memorise, exam.....and all these has to be repeated again.Gosh....i just despise it. But what can I do?

Well, it's just another year. Just bear with it......

Then what? Work after graduate. Another things tat cause headache to me. I'm still deciding. Not certain on which road that I wish to take. Well, I know, no matter which road that I decided to take, it will be fine. I guess.

So, talking about the 2nd year being here in the UK. I got a few points that I wished to share:

Good news is, I'm no longer staying in a student accommodation! No longer have to live in the standard small room which seems like a prison to me after staying for 3 years in such room. That's enough. I wanna stay in a more comfy place with cheaper rent but larger space, and most importantly, I wanna stay with my lovely friends AT LEAST for this very final year before we leave and go for different routes to achieve our goals in our life.

Bad new is, the distance to the University is further, which means more walking for me. So, I guess it will be a good form of exercise for me then.

So, this 2 weeks, there are a few things I wish to update to all of u:
- There is a new grocery store in Beeston. And, Tesco is opening soon too. We can have more choice in terms of grocery shopping.To be frank, I'm sick of going Sainsbury every weekend.

- There is GBK in Nottingham.This is a great place for burger lovers. It's opposite Tamatanga(yummy indian cuisine). Nottingham City Council did a great job in providing us more options for food.*claps claps*

-I bought a coffee maker FINALLY:) Just to pamper myself sumtimes with good coffee in this chilly weather.hehe.

-I'm sick of packing sandwiches to uni everyday.I dun have the appetite everytime I see white bread. Damn.Why can't they have a better options for lunch? Pasta? Nooooo, I'm not very keen in having that as well.

- Everyday I crave for Malaysian meal.I wan hawker stall here. I wannnnnnnnnnnnn.

- I'm having homesick the very next day when I reach Nottingham. I miss my frens and family everytime I look at those pictures in facebook.Ishhhh.

-Jubilee Hopper bus had been upgraded! Now is double decker. Yayyyyy.

-Mango student card now offer 35% discount on the bus fare. Hoohoho. But stupid me still got 20pounds on the old mango card.wuwuwu

Well, overall I still feel like going back to Malaysia. I miss everything there. I feel that the 3months summer holiday was so short.I wanna have longer holidays. Aikssss.I know I should feel contented anyway.

Where is my parcel from Malaysia??? I'm waiting impatiently:(


Tuesday, September 7, 2010







Thursday, September 2, 2010


“20岁以前,妈妈每天都能看到我们,而现在我们大多已经半年没有回过家了。如果。现在我们的妈妈大多40-60岁。我想如果可以活100岁,那么还有 40-60年。我们半年回家看她一次,我们这一生,妈妈这一生,就只有80-120次机会见面了……每次数学考试前,我总会祈祷我不要算错,只有这道题, 我希望我是算错的,真的”

但也许就是答案。我们一厢情愿地忙碌着自己的事情,以为母亲就在那里,好好的,并不需要我们的在意,但是,在我们和她分别的那些间隙里面,她却在慢慢地老 去,关于她变老的事实,我们总是在后来才猛然察觉。在这过程中,她一直还在默默地为家庭付出着,又默默地承受着许多我们不知道的苦痛,也默默地等待着我们 的关爱。其实,她一直很需要我们。


1、 每周:不管身在何方,每周给妈妈电话,让她不要为你担忧。

2、 每月:陪妈妈聊一次天,耐心分享她的喜怒哀乐,让她不会孤独。

3、 每年:陪妈妈体检两次,关心她的健康,为她留住青春。

4、 每年:生日和母亲节,送给妈妈一份有纪念意义的礼物。

5、 两年:带妈妈去一次远途旅行,带给她美好回忆。

6、 三年:努力工作学习,做出一些成绩,这是妈妈最想要的礼物。

7、 五年:五年之后,因为有了你的关爱和努力,让妈妈看起来和现在一样年轻。

8、 十年:十年之后,收集这十年里你为妈妈拍的照片,做一份独特影集,在照片旁边记录当时的场景,为妈妈留下时光的美丽。