Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another full stop

Yea, today is officially the end of my 3rd year pharmacy life in Nottingham.

Life's never easy ever since I choose this route.But, thanks to the support and strength given by many people who cares and loves me, I managed to go through each obstacles.I managed to stand up again and continue the journey.It's coming to an end soon.

One more year and then I have to say Hello to the working life.Many people keep reminding myself to appreciate the good times and bad times in the university.Well, I did try to enjoy it to the fullest.But, is not easy for my course. And I'm not a person with very strong body. Sometimes, I do hope that I could get involve in as much things as possible but I cun do much sumtimes due to some constraints. I am trying to improve myself into a better one.When I'm not able to do it, I will just say NO. I hate to see the disappointment on people's face. Everyone have their own situation and thoughts.So, there comes "understanding". To think in one person's shoes is difficult. And yet I hope that I can get that sometimes.

Well, after exam is gonna be very busy. There will be a trip to Paris.Yes, a trip with secondary school friends.I'm glad to have such wonderful friends around me. And is always so fun hanging around with people whom u knows and knows u.Is goood to be urself.Maybe there wun be so much chances for us to have such trip together in the future and thus, I will appreciate every single moment that we spend together.I bet this will be one of the good old memories in future:)

Post exam activities include packing. I will be spending my 4th year staying with my coursemates in a house.We named it "apple house" by the way.Am looking forward to our 4th year life.At least I can stay in a house with my friends and I can stop listening to the drunk UK mates yelling and screaming in the middle of the night or blasting loud and nasty music when all of us are struggling to store all the information into our mind.

I still have no idea how to settle my stuff cause I need to travel and I will come back afterwards to carry all my stuff to Birmingham airport.I hate this part the most.Happy cause FINALLY I CAN GO HOME and at the same time the "mini-size" momoko have to carry few heavy luggages all alone to the airport fulled of souvenirs to all my beloved family, relatives and frenssss.

2nite will have a good sleep and then I will have to sort out all the stuff that I listed out before I go for my summer trip and leave here.

During exam time, I've been thinking lotsa stuff to post in my blog but I just dun have enough time to do that.I hope once I settle my things, time will allow me to post something interesting to spice up everyone's life a little bit:)

Overall, I am very happy that I can go home on 15th of June!!!!!!!

I miss misan food so muchhhhh.Why life cun be simple and peaceful?Why people like to cause so much troubles to fulfill his ownself satisfaction?I just want peace for my country.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cest La Vie

This is the video that CJ sent to me last semester when I was at the midst of mental breakdown. Was very touching cause he used different way to cheer me up and encourage me not to give up and be optimistic.Was crying while watching the video cause I'm a girl who like to cry.wahahhaha.Nola, cause I felt so guilty.Guilty because I din realise that I'm being surrounded by lot of happiness. I should be grateful for all the things I have instead of complaining about things that I don't have.The video reminds me of how naive am I.That's why I cry.Cause I feel that I'm such a fool for not knowing how to appreciate life.

Hope that this video will give you some inspiration as well.For those who doesn't know how to read chinese.I'm sorry.hehe.

Sunday, May 23, 2010




















小明洗澡時不小心吞下一小塊肥皂,他的媽媽慌慌張張地打電話給家庭醫生求助。醫生說:“我現在還有幾個病人在,可能要半小時後才能趕過去。”小明媽媽說: “在你來之前,我該做什麼?”醫生說:“給小明喝一杯白開水,然後用力跳一跳,你就可以讓小明用嘴巴吹泡泡消磨時間了。”




Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice QUote

"Reach for the Stars and you'll reach the Moon. Reach for the Sky and you'll be on Ground Zero"

I remembered CJ told me this before.Indeed, I think this is very useful to me in facing my problems in life.

I'm glad to meet someone that make some changes in my life.

I hope that I could make changes in someone's else life as well.

One of the the reason I pick up Pharmacy career.


Is not easy to get what I wanted.

Yet, no harm to keep trying

Maybe now I still dun und the reason for working so hard

But, as time goes by

The answer will pop up without realising

If you cun find the answer now

Just dun keep asking why

Just accept it and move on

Is not easy to accept but still

That's the only way


Just do it.

Just dun bother so much.

B Happy:)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Means "thank you" in cantonese.

Sorry for breaking my own promise but I just feel the urge to write something here.

2ml exam is LAW. And I'm diligently practising and revising all the questions provided by the lecturer and yet the SOMEONE living at the 1st floor is soooooo kind to test my professionalism to make sure that I am a good pharmacist who will not make mistakes that will cause big harm to the patient or sell illegal drugs by BLASTING HIS MUSIC TO THE MAX OUT OF THE MAXXXXXX!!!!


Thanks alot yea.

I believe that after this I can work in such a way that even with lotsa distractions and annoyed, I can still make sure that I don't break any single law under the Medicinal Act 1968.I'm sure that RPSGB will be happy to have such pharmacist to be registered under their board.hahaha.

Ok, I know its too early for me to day dream.I should get back to revision.

God Bless.

I wanna pass my law exam 2ml:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



有人說愛情是一杯茶,時間一久就淡了 ;我說愛情更像是一個煲,時間越長越有滋味。









Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Friday

Morning woke up with both good and bad dreams about the same thing--- Dispensing result.

Wasn't aware of that till ET reminded me.

Woke up very very early with the heart pumping fast and went to open my lappie.

Start refreshing the inbox every 30minutes from 9 to 11am.No new message at all.

wait and wait and wait.

Feel so bothered and dashed to uwen's room.Kena teased and then slowly walk back and "DINGGGGG" the mail that I waited since the early morning appeared.

Without further ado, a sudden adrenaline rush makes me click on the mail instantaneously.5 seconds later, dashed to uwen's room once again to tell her to check her mail as well.



Then felt so relieved that 28th of May would mark the end of my 3rd year pharmacy course.

I just hate doing that same set of exercises anymore.

At least something good happened today.

Plus, 胡夏 was the champion in the singing competition.Was so happy for him.Last part was so touching.I like the last 2songs that he sang.

Was really shock why he chose aaron kwok's song in the 1st place.And is soooo not nice.haha.

Hope his 1st album will be nice:)

Time to sleep and say helo to Saturday!

Good nite everyoneee:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

I feel like slapping myself

I really feel like slapping myself very very very much.

I just feel that I am a typical random girl doing random things.

I'm gonna get screwwww up:(


Monday, May 3, 2010

New Song! Di Da dUUU

Since I dun ahve time to blog so much nowadays, let's listen to some songs at the moment:)

The Japanese version is nice too.Got different style but both give the same message.Soothing yet motivating.

I like her voice very much.

【繼續 給15歲的自己】 詞。施人誠 / 曲。Angela Aki
施人誠中文歌詞細修六版本 掙扎至錄音室最後一刻 一次又一次提煉生命最深刻的體會
鋼琴與弦樂的互動 十五歲的自己與現在的自己對話
奶茶四次進錄音室 一唱再唱 好還要更好之誠懇抒情主打



Everytime during my revision, my mind will always go somewhere else thinking most of the things which I will never ever thought of.I should named it as pre-exam syndrome.

But when I deep down thinking of those stuff, I get more and more confused.Then lots of questions will flow out which I failed to sort it out.

Of course, not only all these weird stuff that drive me crazy.There are peoples and foods and post-exam activities that keep entering my brain everytime I tell myself to be focus.I start to lose control of myself.I wish there was a chapter in the bnf providing guide for such case.

Exam in less than 20days.Yet I seemed not well prepared for it due to my lack of concentration.I just wished that it will go away soon.I wanan go home so badly.I miss my bed, my kapo and everything bek there.But all seem so far now and I have no choice but to face the reality.I need to get myself bek to the stdy track and self-encourage.

I will go through it.

Meanwhile, say goodbye and I will b bek again after 28th of May.Hopefully no more sad post and my next 3months post will be fulled of all the good stuff that I am going to do in my home sweet home.muaxxxxx