Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Give me a smile, would you?

There is something that I would miss in Hull, UK is the fact that people tend to be more friendly and  generous in giving you a smile, even though we both know that we are just strangers to one and another.

It does seem to be odd to people who live in a busy city,
with the usual excuse= STRESS
But giving someone a smile does brighten up someone's day,
and it will does the same to you too!
I guess the bad weather in the UK does teach us how to cheer each other days up no matter how bad it is.
there is still something good that we should appreciate/ look forward in our life.

Sometimes, when you are in the long queue,
or when you are in the train,
and you are bored or encountered something fascinating,
people does turn around and talk and share the thoughts.
Even if it was just a short moment, but it does brighten up the day, making the relationship between people to be closer. It's not weird at all, there is no such thing as being cool by keeping everything to yourself.

Sharing a smile, a kind thoughts, the word "thank you" or a hug are things that we should learn from the west.

Our community does need more human touch, don't be stingy and start giving someone some warmth to kick start their day!

Smile, it's simple :)

For you who are going through the pitfalls in life,

you have all my support and love,

a pair of ears and not-so-strong shoulders to lean on.