Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Growing Up:)

Going bek 2 uni 2 study means my career as a tuition teacher is over.But i will continue missing all my students.they gave me a chance 2 meet them,understand them,filled my day with happiness and gave me suprises almost all the time.well,there were sum bad suprises as well lyk pouring the water all over the place and make me mop 4 dem like a maid.hehe.

im gonna list down their names here so that i can regain all those memories and recapture their images weneva i feel like 2.well,u call totally ignore it cz its not interesting at all.haha.

Standard 1-yini(very pretty and obedient),cindy,jiari(smart,neat handwriting),ziyang(talkative,like to sit under the table,like power rangers),amelia(always daydream and bad handwritting,do tings in slow motion),zi wei,sze kai,yong jie,xiao qing,yiwen,ping jie,zheng jie,jia jiun

Standard 2-xin jie,shou jian(naughty and like 2 talk nonsense),daniel(just like mr.bean,funny and smart.Dat day wen i was giving dem exercise,suddenly he shout 2 every1 saying that he wanna fart.and den he just laughed away),qian thong,natalie.ming ru,nicole,russell,nick yeo(my little crush,always put on sleeveless top.very sunny and cool),wen yin and zi xian(both of dem always sit together.i always tink dat he likes her.hah)

Standard 3-carlos,jiun kiat,xian wei,xi yu,khang wei,zhen yi,hoong xuan(super talkative and always create to quarrel with khang wei),man yi,bryan,wen xuan

Standard 4-this is the worst.large group and their levels varies those boys are playful and noisy. Cassandra,voon ziwen,alicia,xin yi,michelle,zi ting,ai ling,jia jin(bro of jia ri but he is very different from jia ri),zhan hong(horrible handwritting and never pay attention is class),joseph,wei sheng,bing quan,ti wei,cheng ran,yan yu,er yi(always tell me he study "xing suan" n i alw tease him with dat during maths),yong jie,hui er,liknesh,jia chen

Standard 5-Weng sum,hong wai,william tan,bryan ng,joey,monaj kumar,ai ching,wing chi,ching ling,wei qi

All of dem got a story with me and i will always keep dem in my heart.I hope dey can grow up well.Really pity dem sumtimes dat dey haf to learn many many things and got very little time to play like a child.i will always remember their laughter,their wailing sound and many more...they are one of the precious things that i have in my life.i will always treasure dem:)

New Room

I went bek 2 my uni yesterday with YW to check in our room and register for 2nd year.The road heading 2wards the uni is so good now.wider and smoother.Yw can speed till 100km/j there.haha.i was glad that i din get kapas i really dun lyk insects and i hate keeping my window shut at will b so,i was quite satisfied with d room dat dey offer me.i no longer have 2 climb so many stairs i dun have 2 shut from my window 2 call YW who stayed in 2nd floor.Now,i can always c her from d window outside my convenient.this time if v both can shout across our hall.keke.V spent hours to clean our rooms and rellocate all our stuff.i found many moulds in the shelf.dammit.i scare i will get allergy from i wiped it 3 times just to make sure dat its 100%free from mould.there are still many stuff dat i haven bring 2 dat place.i guess tis sun dad's car would b overload.heh.

i still dunno hu is staying next to me yet.she wasnt there wen i came.i hope other roomates are considerate and friendly as well.i really hate 2 c d toilet i bad condition at the early morning.i just dun like it.

im gonna move in tis sun night.den i will find PA.she is staying in d same floor as me as well.hehe.i miss chating with her.hopefully it wun b too long i scare v will doze off the next day during lecture.

btw thurs i dun haf class.whoohooo!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Air of Freeeedom!

Finally im free!! no longer in the fist of disaster....2day is my last day in d horrible place facing the horrible boss(p/s is a she,super super wicked,very stingy.Conclusion?i dispise herrrrrr!!!!).phewww~i quickly dash out from the classroom and reach for my sis car.She was my saviour 2day.B4 that i had msg her 2 b punctual so that i dun have 2 c her face and she wun have a chance 2 pick on me anymore.I just hate it weneva i c her and listen 2 what she said.well,call me a bad worker i dont mind.i just need space 2 vent my anger and all d grievances that i went through this whole 2 months.Its got nothing 2 do with those innocent kids. ITS JUST HERRRRR WHO FREAK ME OUt!!even my sis c her oso dun really lyk her as well.c?she is so not friendly 2 anyone,even strangers!!can u feel how horrible she is?u will feel it more wen u noe how she treated me.Ive been ill-treated throughout this TWO whole months.

I was super pissed out with her these two days esp yesterday.I told her that i cun work till friday cz i nid 2 go bek uni 2 register on fri.I dont mind if she dont pay me for that day but worse cum worse she wanted me 2 make replacement class for those kids on wed.It was public holiday and most of dem dun have 2 attend school.Ok la fine.i noe im in charge of them so i have 2 b i accept that.Den the other day she told me that she will me putting some of her students into my two replacement class as well.I wa like wth???she dun even ask me can or not,she just made a command 2 me.Does she noe wat respect is?i dun even have a chance 2 say no!!!i told my sis n mum how teruk this woman is and i tink my sis was ryte.I was too nice 2 her since the 1st day and dats why she take advantage on me.Well,i guess i was being too kind 2 her already.Lesson learned:Must say NO occasionally!:)o else u will b d next victim just lyk me.

yday i worked from 8.30 till 6pm for her.Std 3 class was ok cz the number of students that she added wasnt too many.well, i still can handle.However,std 4 class so so many.up 2 20 ppl.i have 2 teach from chinese den science den maths.20 is too much for me to handle esp wen it cums 2 math.this is bcz their maths levels varied and it is really hard 2 teach dem one by one.moreover the table was sooooo short(is for kindergarden kids actually but she used it for tuition class as well.super stingy)i need 2 bend down and maintain at that position for lyk 4hours.i cun even have chance 2 took a sip of water to quench my thirst.dey kept asking u to help dem solve their maths problem.then i dunno how she tell those students about the time for replace ment class.sum arrived after i finish teaching chinese.den sum didnt have tuition for science so i need 2 give dem do maths while i teach others science.I was working lyk a slave one even enter and help me.She can happily sitting outside and read her so so inconsiderate man!i can tell u one thing,wen she is giving tuition 2 dem,she gt a son 2 help basically she just teach lyk 6 ppl max during the 2hours.A son!!i dun even have a person 2 help me and i have 2 handle lyk how many??20~!!!!i nid 2 check their answers weneva dey finish lyk 2 pages o else dey will just simply circle d answer without trying.dats wat she wants me 2 do.i wassss sooooo tired after that.she can happily cancel her next thursday class cz i had help her 2 give dem replacement already.she can happily rest whole day on that day while me??i will continue suffer my sickness due to dehydration.I really hate her cz she always add in students into my class weneva she like without discussing with me and i have 2 help the newcomers to catch up with the others.

this is not the 1st time she combine her class into mine.but i dun get anything extra from her.The number of students increased and the amount of money inside her pocket is gaining as well BUT the amount of salary i received is the same as not asking for the extra money if i din do extra work.i tink i deserved 2 get more cz im teaching 2 instead of 1 class yesterday.i should be paid more isnt it?

this afternoon wen i reached there she called me into her office and gave me 3/4 of my salary cz i worked 3 weeks onli.i really disatisfied with her and i feel lyk negotiate but i noe i wun b able 2 win cz she is my employee.Plus i dont wanna spoil my last day there.I know recently she did feel happy with me already.i always treat her invisible and i refuse 2 luk t her weneva i pass through her.i just act busy or marking student's paper.i just want 2 minimise the conversation with her.i feel very disgusted weneva she talk 2 me.Today wen i was giving class 2 std5 students,she cum kacau again.she questioned me why i din tell her there are extra exam papers.She went and photostat sum already cz she tot is not enuff.i din take thsoe extra papers from the beginning,i did place it back at the position where i took it last time.she cun blame me right.she dont even ask me before.It wont costs her alot to photostat few more set of papers ryte?dam siao la this woman.wat she want me 2 do?pay her back?hah.i oso din claim the three red pens that i bought myself from her.

Fine,i dont wanna tok about her anymore.Its over.Im free now.There is one thing that i enjoyed from my work is that i can get to know many cute kiddo.Im gonna miss dem so much and i wont forget dem forever,esp those good luking one, gonna wait till dey grow up:p

Monday, September 15, 2008

Facial Day

Today is family day. As usual, dad will sure wake me up early in the morning 2 eat breakfast 2gether.Usually v will have either dim sum or nasi lemak with coffee. I love going coffee shop cause I like their white coffee very wakes me up instantaneously.hah,miracle isn’t it? But 2day dad plan 2 bring us eat dim sum.He is a typical Chinese man and he loves Chinese food.He never fancy Japanese food.He prefer the food served in hot I tink.but all his kids love Japanese food so much.haha.

So,v tried this new place as recommended by my uncle.Their ‘char siew pao’ is very tasty.Many ppl ordered that.Normally it is very pricy 2 eat dim sum.However, the dim sum here are just reasonable and delicious.Just that d service wasn’t that good compare 2 those restaurant.After that, sis fetch me 2 dermalogical 2 do facial.I seldom do facial but since I got a rm100 voucher during my birthday,so I decided not 2 waste it just like dat.Plus I have been working hard teaching those kids,so its okay 2 pamper myself once a while ryte?hehe.

Actually I kinda like their facial treatment. Though it’s sorta expensive but they provide many steps and u can totally relax urself there. Their massage technique is very good as well. Also,the mask that dey apply is very cooling and comfortable. I can feel that my skin is rehydrated after d treatment. It’s really amazing. I can feel dat the skin on my face is very satisfied with the result too! I realize that Im such a lazy girl and I never treat my skin well till dey become oily and dry now. I don’t buy many beauty products and even if I did, I definitely cun finish it all.It will b left at one place and wen I gt acne o smth den I will use it frequently. After that, it will b neglected by me again. Maybe I should start taking care of it before its too late. I tend to use busy as an excuse and sumtimes I even wish dat I could b a guy. Mybe those companies hould tink of some way 2 combine all d usages into one product.Then it would b so convenience 2 everyone.It reduces the space on our dressing table as well.isnt’t this is such a good idea?i would definitely b the 1st one 2 buy if there was such an item.hah. Den I dun have to waste so much time on applying those beauty products anymore! :p

Ohya forgot 2 wish all of u happy mooncake festival.Hope u all have a wonderful night with your family.Bcareful not 2 burn up d tanglungs yea!hehe.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Everything doesnt seems good to me.My back is aching everytime i cough.Im feeling like an old woman suffering from osteoporosis or something.sigh~

After 2ml,i will b going bek 2 semenyih in about one week time.Aahhh.This means i will b leaving those kids and return 2 my student life again.i started 2 feel sad weneva i thought about it.i used 2 complain alot about this tiring job.n i sick alot after taking this job.However,all d joy that those kids give me is the most precious thing that i received in this two months time.Im gonna miss those std1 kids sooo much. i will miss their chubby face.silly me.heh

Next friday i will b going bek 2 uni.I need to check in my room plus cleaning.act i totally forgot about cleaning d room.i tot i can jz move in on sun.luckily yw reminded me last night.i wished that i could stay close with yw.if v stayed in different hall,it will b so difficult weneva i wanna find her chat.So, i managed 2 take a day off on next fri.however,i nid 2 replace d class 4 dem on wednesday.As i said,is really hard 2 earn HER money.i dun have time 2 shop 4 d stuff dat i wanna bring 2 dat place yet.mayb i will tink about it after i enter uni.really lazy 2 tink about it.

ohya,i haven go get d latest hong kong drama from my cousin bro!!!i must transfer dem all in2 my notebook o else i scare i will b super boring there.FYI,i cun survive without tv series.i nid 2 watch dem everytime i have my does help me in digestion.heh.sori,is my own theory.i noe u must b tinking dat this is such a crap ryte?hah.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Air Cast + Guilty:S

Few weeks ago, Uncle Ben fell down from a ladder while trying to change the light bulb. As a result, he cracked his bone right at the heel. His leg was bandaged and he needs 2 use a clutch 2 walk. Luckily it doenst affect his joint. It will b healed in about one month. So now, he spends most of his time at home but this does not stop him from working. He is such a workaholic. Well, I can understand dat cz he nid 2 raise his family.2day he went 2 hospital 2 c d doc again. This time he decided 2 accept d doc’s offer 2 put on an aircast on his right leg. It looks like a giant leg 2 me but it seems 2 b more convenient 4 him cz it can b removed when he is resting in his couch o during his sleeping time. Tat means he dun have 2 use those clutch anymore and can walk lyk a normal person. but still, he kenot drive yet. Its kinda risky 4 him 2 drive I guess. So, can you guess how much does d aircast cost? Give u one hint: The famous England football player, David Beckham used 2 wear dat last time when he cracked his heel last time. Hehe .Uncle Ben told us dat according 2 d doc. I wonder what was d doc trying 2 say.There isn’t any pic or DB’s autograph oso. wat so proud about it leh?hehe.i feel dat he is trying 2 encourage my uncle 2 take dat offer so dat he can earn more by using DB’s name.but I must clarify dat my uncle take it not bcz of DB la.he really nid it 4 convenient purpose so dat he can go 2 work with ease.haha

2day I felt very guilty 2 make a std1 smal gal cried.i was teaching dem maths today.sum of dem haven complete their whole workbook and I was asked 2 make dem finish d whole book by this girl was doing quite slow compare to was not that she is not smart but she like 2 talk and “pat” wen I was teaching wen everyone finished and d class had finished,I asked her to stay.she still gt 2 more ques actually and I tot her parents were going 2 pick her up so I asked her 2 finished up den onli can leave.den I stated packing my stuff 2 go 2 another classroom.wen I came bek 2 check on her again,I realize dat her paper was I tot it was just d water frm her water bottle cz she kept holding her water bottle 2day.den I heard dat she was sniffin.omg she was crying there.den I ask her wat happen n she said she going bek with the teacher’s car.her parents were bz and cun pick her up 2day.she din tell me earlier n jz kip quiet.den cried alone.poor thing.thz god d teacher’s car was still i quickly stop him so dat she can catch up.this is d 1st time 1 made a small kid cry.i guess she must b very angry with me.mite b calling me a monster o smth.mayb she will draw me as a witch during her art class o smth.i feel so bad by thinking all these…I guess she mite told her parents by now n dey must b very geram wif me.mayb dey are cursing me oso.dammmmn.i mite get sue soon.i must find a lawyer soon 2 discuss this case and find out how much is d percentage 4 me 2 win this case.if I lost,den I dun tink I can write here anymore. I will b d next Paris Hilton. I will become a prisoner eating curry rice everyday and night according 2 my aunt,she used 2 scared me wif dat cz I was kinda notti las time.but wen I cum 2 tink about it now,its not dat scary oso 2 eat curry rice everyday n nite.keke.

Then when I was waiting 4 my sis 2 cum pick me up, I heard my employee was scolding a std4 gal. She was telling a std1 student ghost story. It was raining cats and dogs at dat time. I guess d small gal was frightened by d story so she cried non stop after dat. Other students quickly went to report to my employee. For your information, to them this is smth very happening n therefore all of them will b very ‘kepo’ n will gather around n gossip about it. They will take initiative 2 report 2 teacher as well. Haha. Then she scold d std 1 gal as well. She told her that it was just a story and it was not true. Later on she warned her not 2 listen 2 this kinda stuff anymore if she afraid of ghost. After a while, I saw them playing n chasing each other d. No one bother about d incident just now and I can hear shouting n laughing from them once again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Innocent Kids

I realize dat being a kid is really happy.dey can express their emotions in anyway dey want to in their own ways. Dey just don’t have 2 hide their feelings or sumting.dey r so true,unlike adults who tend to fake or hide their inner thoughts or feelings behind.well,v know that dey cun b blame cz this is how d society lyks.n v nid 2 change our attitude n behaviour 2 prevent ourself frm being hurt n blamed n so on.

Yday I was teaching std3 class BM and BI.there are this two talkative and naughty kids who used to tok non stop with each other without listening 2 me.really disrespectful but they are very used 2 b very hard 2 control both of dem since dey r offense here yea.but its d fact dat compare to gals,boys wun feel shy easily after being reprimanded. Dats what I observed from them. But yday both of dem din talk about games o challenge me 2gether by not doing wat I ask for.instead of dat both of dem actually quarrel,I mean a small one lah.hehe.n dey kept teasing each other n complaint 2 of dem called KW was busy writing a small note without doing the exercise I gave so I grab his note n told him dat I wun give him bek till he finish all his work. At first,he still gt ask me 2 return him the paper but I jz ignored the end,v both forgot about it and wen d class was finished,he just dash out of the room.hah.

When I went bek home,I realize that there was sumting in my pocket so I took out the note.i laughed wen I read the content and I showed iyt to my sis as well.v both laughed too.he was so naïve n cute.i really dunno wat 2 say.totally lost for words.His handwrtting is very very big n ugly.for example,he can onli write about 8questions in an A4 paper while others might have just used up onli half of d paper.well,the content of the note dat he wrote was:

I dun wanna fren with HX.

I remembered when he was writing that, he purposely came out of his place and look at the clock.hah.they are so funny.i mean wen dey angry u,dey dun wanna fren u but just temporary.i bet he wann gave this to HX o smth.i oso dunno why dey quarrel.mayb I will gave him bek this paper n ask him d reason as more thing,he is very notti n talkative in class but weneva he is with his mum,he will act lyk a good boy standing bhind his mum.hah.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Electricity Bill

Yesterday,the government had come out with the Budget 2009.

One of the content was: Households which incur monthly electricity bills of less than rm20 need not pay the bills from Oct 1 to end of 2009.

I was wondering how 2 reduce our bills till rm20.

No aircond,no heater,no fan,no kettle,no rice cooker...wat else?i guess if every1 did dat,all d electrical shopss can tutup kedai d.haha.

So,any suggestions to reduce the electricity bills to rm20?im desperate to know leh.keke