Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Room

I went bek 2 my uni yesterday with YW to check in our room and register for 2nd year.The road heading 2wards the uni is so good now.wider and smoother.Yw can speed till 100km/j there.haha.i was glad that i din get kapas i really dun lyk insects and i hate keeping my window shut at will b so,i was quite satisfied with d room dat dey offer me.i no longer have 2 climb so many stairs i dun have 2 shut from my window 2 call YW who stayed in 2nd floor.Now,i can always c her from d window outside my convenient.this time if v both can shout across our hall.keke.V spent hours to clean our rooms and rellocate all our stuff.i found many moulds in the shelf.dammit.i scare i will get allergy from i wiped it 3 times just to make sure dat its 100%free from mould.there are still many stuff dat i haven bring 2 dat place.i guess tis sun dad's car would b overload.heh.

i still dunno hu is staying next to me yet.she wasnt there wen i came.i hope other roomates are considerate and friendly as well.i really hate 2 c d toilet i bad condition at the early morning.i just dun like it.

im gonna move in tis sun night.den i will find PA.she is staying in d same floor as me as well.hehe.i miss chating with her.hopefully it wun b too long i scare v will doze off the next day during lecture.

btw thurs i dun haf class.whoohooo!!

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  1. Hihi...
    1st time c ur blog.
    Noe who m i?? :-)
    Hw r ur life there??
    Vry busy dy??
    Btw, i like ur room!!! Sounds vry nice... Haha...