Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Growing Up:)

Going bek 2 uni 2 study means my career as a tuition teacher is over.But i will continue missing all my students.they gave me a chance 2 meet them,understand them,filled my day with happiness and gave me suprises almost all the time.well,there were sum bad suprises as well lyk pouring the water all over the place and make me mop 4 dem like a maid.hehe.

im gonna list down their names here so that i can regain all those memories and recapture their images weneva i feel like 2.well,u call totally ignore it cz its not interesting at all.haha.

Standard 1-yini(very pretty and obedient),cindy,jiari(smart,neat handwriting),ziyang(talkative,like to sit under the table,like power rangers),amelia(always daydream and bad handwritting,do tings in slow motion),zi wei,sze kai,yong jie,xiao qing,yiwen,ping jie,zheng jie,jia jiun

Standard 2-xin jie,shou jian(naughty and like 2 talk nonsense),daniel(just like mr.bean,funny and smart.Dat day wen i was giving dem exercise,suddenly he shout 2 every1 saying that he wanna fart.and den he just laughed away),qian thong,natalie.ming ru,nicole,russell,nick yeo(my little crush,always put on sleeveless top.very sunny and cool),wen yin and zi xian(both of dem always sit together.i always tink dat he likes her.hah)

Standard 3-carlos,jiun kiat,xian wei,xi yu,khang wei,zhen yi,hoong xuan(super talkative and always create to quarrel with khang wei),man yi,bryan,wen xuan

Standard 4-this is the worst.large group and their levels varies those boys are playful and noisy. Cassandra,voon ziwen,alicia,xin yi,michelle,zi ting,ai ling,jia jin(bro of jia ri but he is very different from jia ri),zhan hong(horrible handwritting and never pay attention is class),joseph,wei sheng,bing quan,ti wei,cheng ran,yan yu,er yi(always tell me he study "xing suan" n i alw tease him with dat during maths),yong jie,hui er,liknesh,jia chen

Standard 5-Weng sum,hong wai,william tan,bryan ng,joey,monaj kumar,ai ching,wing chi,ching ling,wei qi

All of dem got a story with me and i will always keep dem in my heart.I hope dey can grow up well.Really pity dem sumtimes dat dey haf to learn many many things and got very little time to play like a child.i will always remember their laughter,their wailing sound and many more...they are one of the precious things that i have in my life.i will always treasure dem:)

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  1. wah i'm in ur std 5 class ah? cool. cikgu yap. haahhaha.