Friday, October 3, 2008

Melacca Tzu Zhi Camp

Helo,finally im back from Melacca.Dun wori im still in one piece.i din get enuff slip and enuff time 2 bath there.But I dun feel tired at all.mayb d pocketful of happiness just overcome it.I was so surprised 2 meet two ex-classmates at the bus stop b4 v head 2 melacca.It was really exciting cz all of us gt soo much 2 share since v din meet each other 4 almost 7years.hah.dat was really amazing.

Whwn v reached there,the place was really really magnificient n nice.It was quite windy wen v reached there which made every1 feeling pretty good.I got 2 noe sum new frens there wen v were resting and chattijng with each other.Most of dem are from tarc,im d onli person from Nottingham.sad ryte?not really.hehe.

I was taken aback wen I gt 2 know that there are 300 ppl coming 4 this camp!v were divided in2 36 groups and Im in the 29th group.V gt many activities dat group members are all youger than me except for guys.18 years old.wen I chat with dem,I can feel that I was once so innocent just like them.i felt so stpd tinking of how I act wen I was 18 years old.kind shy weneva I trace back my memories.well,just let it not onna be that way anymore rite?but dey were really nice and fun.throughout d camp,v gt many seminars and activities.we also had group discussions everyday 2 share our opinions about those talk that were being delivered by the ppl there.its pretty good 2 share the tinking 2gether.and each group was accompanied by an experienced man/woman who act as our parents 2 share their life experiences with us as well as giving valuab;e advises and comments about our problems and tinking.u will feel the sense of “family” there and they were really care and concern about u.

I was pretty amazed by some topics that were being discussed throughout the of dem was about saving our mother earth.It makes me feel dat v gt a great responsibilities now 2 get involved into recycling and stop using those non biodegradable stuff to conserve our environment.Also,v should reduce the intake of meat to reduce pollution and global warming.Just google about this and u will find out why I say so. I realize that in my uni, most ppl never concern about this issues.there isn’t any recycle bins around and students are not concerning about this issues.ppl just care about themselves,including me as well.v never actually concern about the shanges that happen to our mother nature and all v tink about is our studies,entertainment….everything just about us.This is not a good idea to me anymore.v must realize that there are many ppl and living things suffering due to our carelessness.Like ducks,dey just eat wateva stuff dat can makes dem feel full.dey just eat any rubbish that were thrown by people due to hunger.dey just eat polysterene cup or aluminium tin that were found in the garbage bag.But v all know that all these stuff cun b digested in their stomanch.dey just feel full but actually dey din realize that their body are still deprive for food.eventually dey died and people actually found all those rubbish that v people throw in their stomach.I really felt guilty wen I saw those pics of the poor duck.Same happens to those turtle in the sea as well.Bcz its convenient for us 2 use polysterene cups and plates cz v dun have 2 do soo much clean up,can u c d impact that v left on those animals?if v still demands for more polysterene cups and plates,ppl will just constantly producing it and eventually v or our future generation will just die and bury 2gether with all d polysterene items that v used and thrown.i really hope that by telling ppl this can at least raise their awareness 2 start doing their part to save the environment in many ways like reduce the use of plastic bags and bring our own container if v wanna pack food.your little deed can actually change the future of our mother earth or at least reduce the rate of pollution.if every1 just do a little deeds im sure that It will makes a great difference 2 d world that v are living now.v should be gratitude to have live in such a good environment with ssufficient food,clean air and v must appreciate it and stop doing stuff that make things the end,we will suffer back ourselves.v should stop taking it for granted.there are ppl actually suffering to breathe the clean air,to get a spoonful of rice and so on.v must b really grateful for wat v have now and stop wasting d food that v consume everyday.there are ppl especially children who died from hunger and malnutrition evry seconds.

I really hope that everyone will start concerning about this issues and do a lil effort 2 change their lifestyle to make this world a better place 2 every1 to live.v ppl are intellectual and therefore v should utilize d amount of knowledge dat v gain 2 get involve in recycling as well as influence the ppl around us to do their part as a citizen in this world. I really hope that ppl can bring this ideas into their daily life or make recycling a trend.Trend is not just about cool fashions and cool gadgets. We should start changing this old tinking N-O-W!i hope ppl who read this can also send this message to their frens and family as well.Thanks:)


  1. aiyo..these things i lama d noe lor. y u now only noe. start using recycable plastic bags, available at cold storage. hahahaha. see? i got prove ler. go ask ur parents buy. use at home. haha.

  2. Support u...
    In fact, sum of my coursemates always take d plastic cups n bottles that can b found everywhere in d campus n throw to the recycle bins...
    Bt i always din do anything eventhough understand d importance of recycling... Mayb this is d mindset of KL ppl... Perhaps, i shud start doin sumthing, stop 'tapau' food, throw those recyclable materials to recycle bins etc etc...