Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helooo from nottingham

Finally, after two weeks,i get my own accomodation and officially settle down in this land.The whole process was horrible and hard and thanks to d support from all d ppl who cares and loves me, i managed to strive through.

Last week, i was still working in Boots pharmacy store in Beeston with uwen.Its was a torture really cz v just arrived two days ago and then v start working.Working there was a great great exposure.U get to see how they work and operate.u get to know the local people as well.Its not like what u imagine.Is really different but somehow, it leaves a great impact to me.Is really lucky to meet someone from ur own country there.And thanks to her, we get to learn and understand many things about the culture in UK.And she is so kind to invite us home and treated us sizzling hot noodle soup 4 lunch as it was really cold in the past 2weeks.

There were many funny things that we experienced cause we were not familiar with this country at when i think bek, it doesnt matter at all.

Funny thing is that i get hungry very easily here.Maybe is the cold weather or is because i walked alot after eating.Small burger is not enuff to satisfy my greedy stomach.untill now oso i cun accept this changes.lolz:)

I dislike the strong wind in uk.they made ur head go "ga-ga"!!but when the sun shines brightly during the afternoon, i will complain again.cause the hot sun makes me feel uncomfy.

Im kinda looking forward towards next week.i feel so much better 2day.not so stress and frust anymore.i can smell the air of freedom:)sometimes i really hate 2 hide my feelings just to make everyone's happy.i dunno why.but this is part of the social life and i cun do anything but 2 accept and learn how 2 deal with it.I feel that theer are many things that i need 2 improve in order 2 survive in this "world".

Next week would be our freshers' week and i guess i will have some interesting stories to share by then:)autumn is coming...wonder how this city would luks like with all the leaves in yellowish color.

I miss everyone of u.take care!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tic Toc

Working for almost 1month in the retail pharmacist, there were many interesting case happen most of the day.

For instance, there will be few customer who tend to walk in and asked for dog's biscuit and we will like huh??uncle, here sells medicines, not pet shop. Then he will be shocked and realised that he went into the wrong shop.Some even asked for photostat, top up card or even chinese tradisional herbs and coca cola.I wonder what people think about retail pharmacy is.A groceries or staionary shop?multichoice perhaps???

Sometimes, there will be small kids coming in and lighten up my boring day.They will always go to the sweet corner and beg their parents 2 buy for them.Recently, there is this transformer shaped multivitamins in the market and many kids love it cause the vitamin comes with puzzle.Thres was once a parent refuse to buy her child the vitamin cause its quite expensive.Before they left, the kid hit his mum's back saying that she is a bad mummy.

Sometimes i really think dat it is really hard 2 satisfy every customer.They wan the best price and we try our best to fullfill them and yet they are not happy.Some even compare our prices with those they bought in Ipoh!!Every things in the market is getting pricy so they shdnt be surprise that their medicine price increases as well ryte?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


hey guys, is any one of you watching this drama??I just get to watch one episode from AOD.Is it worth watching?I kinda like the new look of Myolie Wu with the long hair wig.Very pretty and feminine.But in this drama, she is coupled with Kevin Cheng nd Wong Hei.So not match at all.Urghh....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost without You

Everything seems uncertain without you.

Feeling insecure.

I know I need to adapt to it somehow.I always thought that im capable in this but im wrong.I used to tease ppl when they were facing such situation and now,I realised that im just like one of them.Wat a fool.

I guess time will be the best thing to make me grow up and getting wiser.Perhaps this is something that i have to learn from now on.i WILL always treasure the moment that i spend with you.Appreciate is the thing i should remind myself constantly..

Friday, July 17, 2009

My eyes are sOOOO DRY!!!

Recently having this problem under air conditional room.My eyes are getting dry so easily.I got this problem only when im wearing contact lens.Lat time i dun have such problem.It happens recently cause i stay under aircond for long hours everyday.It gets worse if i was tired.This makes me feel hard to perform my work sometimes.It will gets better when i go to a warmer place. itried to apply few drops of eye drops but it will get dry after a while.I wonder why is that so?Any advice?

No Water:(

Today is a real bad day.Whole day no water.WAT A SUFFER!!!

Its been sometime since i remembered how important water to us.Without water, there are lots of thing we couldn't do.haih.To me, without water is worse than without electricity.I used to waste water every single day until yesterday when there is limited amount of water, i found that it was so difficult to perform my daily activities.

I guess its time for me to make a change now.Conserve the water o else we or our future generation will have to pay for the price.Nowadays, there are many countries facing water shortage and yet we still wasting the clean water supply without guilt. By making a little effort to conserve water from now, we will be able to save our mother nature from being worsen.

I really hope that after 30 years, we still can enjoy watching the spectacular view of the river and lake in all over the world.

Friday, July 10, 2009


After a weeks of preparation and worrying, i finally got my visa to the UK.Thank god most of my friends oso successfully got their visa as well.Thank you so much to my friends who keep reminding me about things to bring and sending me the latest checklist to submit to the application centre.Its really strict and difficult for most of us to prepare the documents that they required especially the bank account details and bank letter.I kinda jealous to realise how easy my friend used to apply the australia student visa.But anyway, we still make it through.wat a great relief.lucky our visa fees worth of rm783 is not wasted.FYI the visa fee is increasing up to 800plus due to the exchange rate i guess.I dun understand why is it so expensive for us to apply the visa.700plus per person...dey r earning alot man.haha.Today, i went to the office again to collect my visa with uwen.There was this girl sitting behind us found out v got our visa and congrated uwen few times.She seemed more excited den both of us.Maybe is not easy to apply for the visa and v shd be really happy dat v got it??i dunno.i just feel...ok?lolz. Anyway, i feel relieved dat i got it finally.Now i just nid 2 wait for the time 2 pass.haha.I dunno how 2 pack my stuff like alot of thing i wanna bring it there.jz wait til i got the panic attack then.ehhehe.Ohya, to those who are applying the uk visa, just make sure u stick to the checklist which can be found on their website(vfs smth...)and make a photocopies of all d documents.Its not as hard as u thought as long as u got all the things they want.Good luck yea"))

Friday, June 19, 2009

End of my Year2 Mpharm course!

Oh yay!!finally exam result is out 2day.I'm glad that my results turned out to me satisfactory.PHew~~ las nite i was bit jittery wen i tot about this.This time i changed my strategy according to Mr. C advise.So, i was bit woory whether this is gnna work on me.thz god it turned out well.I'm so glad tha i took his advise. At least i wn't be so tense during exam period anymore.My heart beat wun rise up to its maximum anymore.It wun have to pumped so hard to supply enuff oxygen in my brain.hah.

Eneway, looking bek this 2years of pharm life, i'm glad that im still surviving well, except for more pimples popping out and getting crazier with my "cold joke".Im lucky to have a group of supportive friends that help me go through all the pits and falls especially this years. Our bonds get tighter and i feel that v r more like a "family" now.Really grateful to have knw them in my life.I will appreciate them more when we stay in UK which is coming soon. Really miss the days when we complain about how terrible the timetable was, how long and tiring was the lab session and how difficult the assignment and exam was. Without them, i guess the life in semenyih will be much tougher.

Now, i can confidentally said that im DONE my year 2 pharmacy course.HOORAY!!!only god will know how hard i've been struggle through these.I know it will be harder in the coming year but im sure that i can cope with it.What i need to do now is start preparing my visa and buying stuff that i need to bring to the UK.I really scared that i will over the weight limit.hehe.Working nowadays make me so tired. I onli got weekends to do my shopping.But i really hate shopping durng weekends.There will be any people hanging around even though d economy is so bad. I wonder whre all their money come from.hehe.Cause u can always hear people complaining that they got no money, full of loans and so on.And YET, they still buying all the expensive and branded clothes and blah blah blah.

Talking about my part time job now, im quite happy that i can learn and can an early exposure to the working life of a retail pharmacist. I guess i need to get some tuition on accounting, bussiness and management in order to be a successful retail pharmacist.I can see that all these are far more important than the pharmacist knowledge that he/she acquired in the past 4 years.People will onl buy medicine from you if u can offer them cheaper price.Only few will truly appreciate your services and come back to you.Im still observing now.Im still unsure about what sector that i wanna involved in future because sometimes retail can be boring as well.You will be doing d same thing and explaining in the same order almost everyday.The good thing is sometimes customer can be quite sweet and funny, so they help to ease our boredom, especially those uncles.So far, i only meet uncles and aunties visiting this pharmacy.No youngster around. Im quite pity those old folks especially if they need to take alot of pills everyday.Some of them take 5medicines and few supplements.I wonder how hard they swallow all those pills.Its gonna be really hurt and they need to do this 3times a day.Hopefully drugs cmpany can come out with more combined pills or in extended release form to reduce their burden and dose regimen.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

mY maid

I never had such a deep feeling about her before. The time we spend together wasn’t really long.Plus I don’t really like to express myself. But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t care about her. I always feel that she is very tough. She used to work in Malaysia 10 years ago. She decided to work here again because she wanna support her daughter to study medicines. Unlike the previous maids, she seldom call back home. She showed us the pics of her family. I bet she misses them a lot. She tend to put a lot of her time in working so that she can set those feelings aside and wun feel so sad after all. Slowly, I started to feel that I should show more concern about her so that she will feel more comfortable in this foreign country. Last night, sis told me that she’s been suffering from toothache for months but never tell us because she is afraid of the dentist and the medical fees. Today, she went to the dentist and extracted two teeth. But she still carried on her daily office task and refused to take rest. She felt painful and yet she tried her best to bear with it without complaining. I guess if I were her, I would have lie down on my bed whole day and do nothing. I would be complaining a lot too or just cried about the pain. I guess I should really learn from her. To be strong, to be tough. No matter what happen. At least that would not make your loved ones worry about you. That’s also one way of showing your love to them. When your are away from your family, do take good care of yourself and be strong enough to handle all the difficulties that you are facing now so that they will not be worry about you. At least, they can be more concentrated in their own duty and also, they might feel happy and relieved to see how well you’ve been up to. Being separated with your loved ones might be heartbreaking. However, this is actually a good opportunity for you to grow up and become independent.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last few days were terrible for me...the hormonal changes that run in my body plus the high cortisol levels in my blood had exacerbate the amount of pimples "planted" on my face....urghhh. I dunno wats wrong with my body. Its seems like dey are against me wen i needed dem the most. The pimples jz pop up uncontrollably and is the first time i gt a feeling of an aeroplane crashed on my delicate body. I was so desperate to dash bek home 2 seek sum medical advice to get rid of dem. Though it was terrible luking but i cun stop drinking my favourite coffee. I really nid 2 stick on it. It keeps me awake and active throughout the day. It makes thing seems good to me.hah. I guess theres sumthing btw me and coffee. Nothing can tear us apart. I really wish that i can have a chance to meet sum coffee expert and share their exepriences about coffee and teach me all about coffee knowledge. I wonder where can i get a nice book which got all the info about coffee together with those nice pics of the aroma and those nice porcelain cups! It makes drinking cofee a very classy and relaxing moment to me! I guess this is one of the way which can let me get rid of those stressful moment.

Semester 2 wasnt that relaxing as what i expected.theres so many assignments and reading to be done. NOt to mention how disspointing some of the lecturers are. I think theres no Bond between me and chemistry. i cun imagine how am i going 2 digest the whole natural products without getting diarrhoea or vomitting. Ohya...dissertation. I cun imagine i have to start working on my drawing and colouring skills once again as required by my lecturer. Every single diagram must be drawn on our own and preferably colour dem. I was wondering wheter im doing a art work now or dissertation... Funny:(

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Valentine's Dayyy

Hope you have a nice one too:))

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



  失落(Loss)是生命进展过程中自然发展的现象,人生所经历的失落,小至掉了物品,大至失去所爱的人,有时候失落是莫名的。在在充斥于生活中,却鲜少有系统化的定义及分类(Weenolsen,1988)。根据1933版《牛津英文字典》,「失落」来自「掠夺」,意思就是「被强行夺去 」,是指剥夺了原属于某人之事物,也就是剥夺了合法所有物的经验(陈文棋译,民83) D’Andrea(1990)则认为:失落是当个人经验到属于个人某些部分被抢夺,而这些部分是具有重要意义或是个人熟悉的 Weenolsen(1988)将失落定义为:「任何事情,无论大或小,破坏了生活及自我的某些方面,即为失落。失落不是改变,但改变通常包含失落及压迫感。」梁美宽(民72)则认为:与个人有关的任何改变,使个人产生负向的感受时,即能称为个人的失落。Duck(1992)主张失落可从四方面来看:
  (一) 失去关系的事件;
  (二) 造成关系分离或中止的过程;
  (三) 亲密关系的减弱;
  (四) 关系反转(reversal of a relationship)。
















我希望每个人在你一生当中,能有一个能让你心灵依靠的港湾,而且要好好地珍惜它。它会是你如意或不如意时的一个避风港,能让一切思绪安顿下来, 让你得到安稳。别害怕,不好的事总会过去的。但愿明天会更好~