Friday, July 17, 2009

My eyes are sOOOO DRY!!!

Recently having this problem under air conditional room.My eyes are getting dry so easily.I got this problem only when im wearing contact lens.Lat time i dun have such problem.It happens recently cause i stay under aircond for long hours everyday.It gets worse if i was tired.This makes me feel hard to perform my work sometimes.It will gets better when i go to a warmer place. itried to apply few drops of eye drops but it will get dry after a while.I wonder why is that so?Any advice?


  1. u should not wear contact lens for more than 8 hours a day actually. Your eyes will lack of oxygen and feeling uncomfortable.
    You may also change ur contact lens, may be a more moisture type. tell the pro bout ur condition and get advise from them.

  2. okok, i will let the optician know.thanks for ur advise:)