Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding and proposal video

Fish Leong and Tony Chao from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Recently got so many celebrities get married and bring lotsa joy to everyone who believe in eternity and true love.Wish all the couples stay sweet and have a happy ending:)

Personally like fish leong's gown

Freaking Cold~

Recently the weather here is super duper cold.I just feel so reluctant to leave my room and go outside.Is like entering a freezer out there.Just now woke up saw all those thick thick snowflake falling down.I dun have a feeling of excitement.I hate snow and winter.I wan my spring to come visit me ASAP@.@

I think there's something wrong with the "remote control" of the weather now.I hope it will get reset soon.Gaaaahhhh, give me warmer place to stay in pleaseee.

Am going to Cardiff, Bath and Stonehenge this coming weekend.I must make sure i will bring along my camera with the charger this time.FINALLY! a trip to bath.A place that I always wanted to go when I was applying pharmacy course during alevels.Will give u all a short description of the trip when im bek yea:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010






对了,明天好像是人日,在这里祝大家生日快乐!Happy Happy:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010











★ 带上我的一份心意,送上蓝天,透过空气,伴随着清风,送到你的身边,致意真诚的祝福:身体健康,心想事成,一帆风顺。

★ 贺新年,庆佳节,恭喜发财!新年好,万事顺,事事如意!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baking Day

My first ever baking experience in the UK.The last one I did was with uwen in her house to bake a chocolate moist cake for cj.This time, I had three session with uwen, fong wen and gok hau.We did egg pudding,cny mini crackers (got seaweed and sesame in it) and chocolate chips cookies.We worked on all that from day till night and at the end of the session, everyone was exhausted except for the "SUPERWOMAN"---Miss Kan Fong Wen who intended to go for ice skating after that.Learnt so much from all the three baking sifu.I like the egg pudding the most.It was so smooth and yummy.Fong wen changed the recipe a little bit by adding more flour.Cookies session was fun as well.Cause we can use our great great imagination to make different kind of shapes that we want.It was really amusing seeing all the weird shapes and the product after baking.Heres some photos that we took in the kitchen.Ignore the mess plssss:p
First product-Mini cny crackers
from Gok Hau's recipe
2nd Product:Egg pudding
Fong wen's recipe
Uwen with the big fat cookies dough
TaDaAA-oUr mASterpiece
(Sorry some luks abit cacated)

Some of my creation.Middle one is
Fong wen's tic tac toe cookies

Yummy cookies out from the oven!

Fong wen posing with
Gok Hau's creation

My LOVE shape cookies
Left side is bigger
They called this LVF:(
(p/s:too tired till i cun open my eyes big big)

My cute baby cookies and
tam-chiak Gok Hau
My digimon cookies and Fong wen

Fong wen and Gok Hao's Creation
6 Packs cookies
Take a closer look of it
End of my bakery class
What a great day!:)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mixed Feelings Day

Got my result this morning,Freaking nervous before that summore keep consoling my friend till at one point i nearly forgotten that i oso need to get my own results.Hmm,how leh?I dunno how 2 describe.Im glad that i dun have to face those disgusting notes anymore.Is a good thing.I passed.But i din do well in some modules.I think i can do better.I din work hard on it till i get regretted now.I hate myself.Why always like this?And nearly mental breakdown during exam period.If i calm down maybe can finish stdy more and wun end up complaining here.Urgh. I think i memang like to cari pasal.Sumore cari "ownself" punya pasal.Sigh.

Thinking back those days and imagine next year have to face it again during winter, i felt terrified.Uwen was true,next time start packing on this sept back to UK sure very very sad.No wonder aiwoon showed me the expression when she was about to go back UK.Aiksss, now only i realise how hard it could be to leave ur home.Ur beloved country.Sometimes i dun und why people like to differentiate among each other and cun live in harmony in one country?Though we belong to different cultures,different races and speak different languages, but one thing in common is that we love this country.Why cun we just put down all those prejudice as well as selfishness and make our country a better one,not only us but for our future generation?Maybe im just too naive.Things are way too complicated that what i think.Sometimes is us that make thing get complex.All oso sendiri cari punya.

I think im getting sorethroat soon.Trying hard to suppress it with honey.I shd get more sleep then.Too much distractions here.I just cant sit still with a peaceful mind and like to move around like a hyperactive kid.Feel like giving myself a good slap.PIAKKK. Time to wash up my dishes.

Faster finish my works.I wanan go to bed early:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Finished watching Mulan last week.Enjoyed watching though the casting on the war was kinda disappointing.Was expecting something better.This movie concentrate more about the relationship between people and the main characters.More sentimental.Ending was kinda sad.But sometime reality is cruel.Must learn to accept the fact.Life is not always a happy ending.

Here is something that I found from web about the movie.It was kinda funny after reading those points from the blogger.Just to share with u all:)Have a read if u are are bored:












U have to watch the movie den only can understand some of the points that he said.

Quote from the movie: 逃避,停止不了战争;害怕,只会让我们失去更多。

It's February Already!

Recently i constantly feeling lazy and sleepy even after drinking my coffee.My 'chicken essence' is no longer working? I doubt.So much to do and yet there are so many things i wanna get involved to make my life not so boring. Hard to concentrate and not in a good mood.I hate wearing the mask to meet people like this.Is like a big fat liar.Sometimes just wanna protect myself,just dun wanna get revealed.Just wanna stay safely away from anyone except myself.Just wanna put everything deep deep down and dun wanna touch it.

Abit worry cause result is out tomorrow.NOt much confident thinking back.Bit regret dat i din put much effort in the 5 credits assignments. This sem i even more slack.Just wanna go home.Whenever i open d notes and read, my mind will automatically go far far back to Malaysia.

Placements are hard to get since the competition is getting higher.Din put much high expectation on it.Sometimes i think im very weak.Im actually scared facing things alone.I hATE uncertainty.Whenever things get out of my control, i start panicking.

Chinese new year.Dunno how my family will be celebrating it?Maybe i will opt for a peaceful one.As long as being with my lovely friends, i guess cny in UK is not so pathetic isn't it?

Wish me luck for 2ml.I need sum lucksss.I dun wanna stay here during August to see all the old disgusting notes again.They are monsters that will cause me endless sleep and turn into a zombie.

Ohya, finally i noe how 2 cook bihun.Last nite had a funny trial session with ee teen.I think this will be a good start for both of us.Teeheheee