Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baking Day

My first ever baking experience in the UK.The last one I did was with uwen in her house to bake a chocolate moist cake for cj.This time, I had three session with uwen, fong wen and gok hau.We did egg pudding,cny mini crackers (got seaweed and sesame in it) and chocolate chips cookies.We worked on all that from day till night and at the end of the session, everyone was exhausted except for the "SUPERWOMAN"---Miss Kan Fong Wen who intended to go for ice skating after that.Learnt so much from all the three baking sifu.I like the egg pudding the most.It was so smooth and yummy.Fong wen changed the recipe a little bit by adding more flour.Cookies session was fun as well.Cause we can use our great great imagination to make different kind of shapes that we want.It was really amusing seeing all the weird shapes and the product after baking.Heres some photos that we took in the kitchen.Ignore the mess plssss:p
First product-Mini cny crackers
from Gok Hau's recipe
2nd Product:Egg pudding
Fong wen's recipe
Uwen with the big fat cookies dough
TaDaAA-oUr mASterpiece
(Sorry some luks abit cacated)

Some of my creation.Middle one is
Fong wen's tic tac toe cookies

Yummy cookies out from the oven!

Fong wen posing with
Gok Hau's creation

My LOVE shape cookies
Left side is bigger
They called this LVF:(
(p/s:too tired till i cun open my eyes big big)

My cute baby cookies and
tam-chiak Gok Hau
My digimon cookies and Fong wen

Fong wen and Gok Hao's Creation
6 Packs cookies
Take a closer look of it
End of my bakery class
What a great day!:)


  1. look quite nice!!
    i dono how to bake at all!
    This year is my first year having cny oversea!
    You too??

  2. Thanks.Still need summore improvement.Yea,gonna miss cny in Malaysia.