Friday, February 5, 2010

Mixed Feelings Day

Got my result this morning,Freaking nervous before that summore keep consoling my friend till at one point i nearly forgotten that i oso need to get my own results.Hmm,how leh?I dunno how 2 describe.Im glad that i dun have to face those disgusting notes anymore.Is a good thing.I passed.But i din do well in some modules.I think i can do better.I din work hard on it till i get regretted now.I hate myself.Why always like this?And nearly mental breakdown during exam period.If i calm down maybe can finish stdy more and wun end up complaining here.Urgh. I think i memang like to cari pasal.Sumore cari "ownself" punya pasal.Sigh.

Thinking back those days and imagine next year have to face it again during winter, i felt terrified.Uwen was true,next time start packing on this sept back to UK sure very very sad.No wonder aiwoon showed me the expression when she was about to go back UK.Aiksss, now only i realise how hard it could be to leave ur home.Ur beloved country.Sometimes i dun und why people like to differentiate among each other and cun live in harmony in one country?Though we belong to different cultures,different races and speak different languages, but one thing in common is that we love this country.Why cun we just put down all those prejudice as well as selfishness and make our country a better one,not only us but for our future generation?Maybe im just too naive.Things are way too complicated that what i think.Sometimes is us that make thing get complex.All oso sendiri cari punya.

I think im getting sorethroat soon.Trying hard to suppress it with honey.I shd get more sleep then.Too much distractions here.I just cant sit still with a peaceful mind and like to move around like a hyperactive kid.Feel like giving myself a good slap.PIAKKK. Time to wash up my dishes.

Faster finish my works.I wanan go to bed early:)


  1. lai.. i help u.. PIAK.. hehehe..

  2. u missed BM a lot...
    'cari pasal' cari sini cari sana..

  3. Haha.I like "bahasa capelang".Congrats yea for ur graduation pilot lee:)