Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love Stories


1)Two people eat together until Big Fat...


2) I'm cold, but you're cold too, I will resolutely take off your coat for you. . .


3)I will be waiting for you patiently, but why are you so late to come!


4)patient, patient. . .


5) In fact, I'm very timid, but in front of you, I will be brave, I will protect you - forever!


6)You addicted with the TV Drama Series, no matter how sensible,I would want to chat with you in the side and waiting. . .


7)I will eat instant noodles when alone, actually it's for the sake of saving money to treat you with great meal. . .


"Still don't surrendar? "okok.. It's all my fault, you are always right..." ><


Those photos are the memory of our lifetime. . . Feeling so sweet when looking it back again and again!

永远永远,我都会崇拜你。。。 Forever and ever, I will worship you. . .

(^_^) ♡ ♥ (^.^)

Monday, November 22, 2010









Women is GREATER than SUPERMAN!!!
We can make those impossibles
become possibles!!!

So, please respect women :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's our V-Day!

, another year passed by.

Been through lots of ups and downs with you. Glad that all these things draw us closer together.I hope we could stay stronger as year goes by.

Thanks for being caring and supportive.

Thanks for the every single efforts that you made to cheer me up, shed my tears and never give up on me each time I throw a tantrum on you.

Will continue treasure all the moments that we spend together.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!


Yes, the sick viruses paid their visit without my permission again.

This time, they bring along cough viruses to join the fun.

They had a great time all day long partying and HOooraying while I suffer all the consequences all by myself.

They are just too selfish.

I dun like them. They are so gonna pay for it.

I need a strong immune booster.

I need a warmer climate.

I am FREAKING Cold lar. Ishhhh

Friday, November 19, 2010

Online Shopping

Recently, my house members got a crush for online shopping!

In this country of unpredictable weather, online shopping is doing me a BIG favor. Not only it is cheaper sometimes, you can always check the stock as easy and as quick as you can!

No need to see the arrogant face of certain salesperson, no need to wait and at the end they tell you no stock, no need to give 2pounds to go down to city and walk here and there just to get all the buying list sorted out!

So, online shopping is kinda convenient.heh!

Of course, there are some bad sides about it as well.


Here is a pair of boots that I got myself for this winter. Gaaahhhhh, its gonna keep my tiny feet warm and cosy:) And it is cute too!

Hope that I could post more stuff here when I'm free.

I'm just too tired and weak. The viruses are attacking my throat again and I am housebound for two days:(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music Videos Sharing

Yes, a couple of music videos which I like it very much.

Just dun feel like writing anything.

Hope these few songs will give you some relaxing mode.

Every songs tells a story. Just like our life. Everyday is a new episode.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yelling and Yacking

Ignore this please!!!

I just wanna find a space to scream my lungs out!!!!

I am suffocated!!!

Year 4 is there to FAIL me I think.

9am class is the most TORTUROUS PART~!!

and loads of works to do. I dun even have time to enjoy my life in the UK!

And all the decisions are there, waiting impatiently for me to make up my mind.

Im in dilemma.

I need help ( raising white flags!). Someone come rescue me pleaseeee ><

Dear all the challenges that I am facing now, please let me overcome all of u:((

I hate those negative feelings. I wish to accept all as part of my life but not everytime.

I need a balance.

I need to calm down.

I need to be confident. I can do it right? Yes!

I am GASPING for the air of FREEDOM~



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I need more time to







WHY I HAVE SOOOOOO MANY LECTURES 9-5 every single day and have so many lecture notes, assignments, workshops, journals for me to digest while my body is in great need of rest.

I hate this.

I wan more hours in a day for me to do other things other than just attend lectures and study:(

I dun like year 4.

I'm jealous with others who has less lectures and can do the things that they want.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November updates 2


Another quick updates from me.

This song is the one that I had forgotten since long long time ago.

Out of sudden, the drama enters my mind and I went to search for the drama and the theme song of it. I'm glad that it could be found on youtube cause this drama is the one that I watched during form 1 or 2. It's very long ago.

Time flies, really.

I missed the time when I was a naive girl.

I missed the time when I watched the drama with my sister.

I feel like going back for awhile to recall all the happy moments that I have. When the only things that I should be worry about is just study and nothing else. Thinking about how simple the world is. How perfect the world is.

I know, i'm such an innocent girl.Well-protested by my parents. Dun even realise how complicated the society that we are living in.

Hope you like this song too.

I will watch this drama again, I promise.lolz.


Last week,I went for a jog at the University lake with Uwen and Li Ping.

It was lovely in the evening with all the yellow leaves falling all over the place. Just like the scene in Autumn in my heart.lolz.

Great that I did sweat a little. Something not so good is that I dropped my money during that time.haha. Such a clumsy girl.

Looks like Autumn in My Heart eh?

Exhausted after the 1st round
I know I should do more exercise:P

Lake side
Love it:)

The poser
Ngek ngek ngek

The gila poser
Hiak hiak hiak
I guess this is the moment when
I dropped my money to feed the swan???

That's all for now, gonna cook dinner.

Nasi Goreng Paprika hohohohoho

November Updates

Yo, it's been awhile since I updated my stuff here.

Been busy and feeling lazy.

Whenever there is free time, would rather to use it for something else.hehe.

So here comes November. Beginning of Winter? I guess it will be real soon.

So, as usual, I'm just lazy to write down every single details so

let the pictures do the talking again!

p/s: what a good excuse.hehe.

Happy Birthday Darling Vivian
Wish you get prettier day by day, Muacksss

Fong wen and Darren
Aren't you think they got 夫妻相

Curry chicken with rice

Rice are just way to hard to resist.hoho

Han Yin and Chuan Jooi

Girl Rules Generation??

Group Picture.LOVE:)

Ice-cream cake made by Fong Wen
Simply delicious

Picture of the day.
With Han Yin
Lots of hugs:)

The next event was York Trip with Chuan Jooi's coursemates, Uwen, Fong wen, Darren and Andy. Seriously hate travelling by bus in the UK. They tend to brake very often and drive cautiously which end up making me and uwen get motion sickness.

York is an amazing place. Love this small little city. It was beautiful. Lots of small and cute shops selling origamis, dolls and other handmade stuff. U will love it. Also, I like the tea rooms there. There are lots of them and one of the most famous one is Betty's Tea Room. The cakes, pastries, coffees and main meals there are really good.

However, the weather on that day was a big NO NO. It was windy and drizzling. Also, we do not have much time to explore the whole city of York. Still, we had fun together.


Love the weather in the early morning
AND It's autumn baby!!!


York street

York Minster
One of the largest medieval gothic catheral
in Northern Europe


Guardian angels
Ghost Stories Trip

"Ban Sai Ye"
So not cool lohhhh

There are so many cute teddy bears inside.
And the chocolate cake that I ordered is so nice:)
With Strawberries too!!

Betty's Tea Room

My pretty model- Uwen
More pictures

Our tour guide@Soy Sauce- Andy Yap

My new coffee powder
Just nice.
Need to improve my technique in making
a nice cup of coffee.

That's all for now.

Will updates you guys on other events in my next post.

Hope you guys find this interesting:)

Stay tuned.

By the way, can anyone teach me how to combine multiple photos in a single picture?
Sorry, im abit noob here.

Thanks guys")