Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November updates 2


Another quick updates from me.

This song is the one that I had forgotten since long long time ago.

Out of sudden, the drama enters my mind and I went to search for the drama and the theme song of it. I'm glad that it could be found on youtube cause this drama is the one that I watched during form 1 or 2. It's very long ago.

Time flies, really.

I missed the time when I was a naive girl.

I missed the time when I watched the drama with my sister.

I feel like going back for awhile to recall all the happy moments that I have. When the only things that I should be worry about is just study and nothing else. Thinking about how simple the world is. How perfect the world is.

I know, i'm such an innocent girl.Well-protested by my parents. Dun even realise how complicated the society that we are living in.

Hope you like this song too.

I will watch this drama again, I promise.lolz.


Last week,I went for a jog at the University lake with Uwen and Li Ping.

It was lovely in the evening with all the yellow leaves falling all over the place. Just like the scene in Autumn in my heart.lolz.

Great that I did sweat a little. Something not so good is that I dropped my money during that time.haha. Such a clumsy girl.

Looks like Autumn in My Heart eh?

Exhausted after the 1st round
I know I should do more exercise:P

Lake side
Love it:)

The poser
Ngek ngek ngek

The gila poser
Hiak hiak hiak
I guess this is the moment when
I dropped my money to feed the swan???

That's all for now, gonna cook dinner.

Nasi Goreng Paprika hohohohoho

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