Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Im inspired!

beware when u speak chinese in front of foreigners next time.

Chinese is getting more and more important.We should encourage our future generation to master in this language no matter how.

Im glad that i born in a country where im exposed to many different languages.Compared to others,im such a lucky one.Don't look down on chinese.You ppl, better take this seriously if u still considering in taking chinese.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My 1st dispensing exam is on this Thursday.

Hopefully I won't kill any single patient by giving the wrong DOSE,


and make spelling mistakes which cause me a deduction of 10 marks!

everything must run smoothly and I need to be steady and careful.

Been practice for so long already.Everything will be fine right?

Good luck!:)

Be Good

My Dear Heater,

Please be good to me.When i switch off the suis, it means I'm very warm and i wish that you can have a rest, not giving out more heat to make me feel like I'm in the Sahara or somewhere else.And when i switch you on, means I'm kinda cold so can you give out more heat instead of giving me little but no response?:(

You are making my life sort of pathetic recently.I thought i was having a temperature but in fact im just normal.Please don't turn me into bbq pork or something.I need a REPLACEMENT for my heater.Mr.XXX, can u faster come to rescue me by giving me a more obedient heater as you promise?I've been waiting impatiently here.Hmmm....

From Your NOT-SO-HAPPY owner

Note: Found that strawberry yogurt mixed with wholegrain tastes really GREAT.Most importantly, it cools down my throat.LOVE:)

Monday, March 29, 2010








亲爱的自己,你可以失望但不能绝望,你要始终相信,tomorrow is another day.














亲爱的自己, 要快乐、要开朗、要坚韧、要温暖,这和性格无关。


Friday, March 26, 2010




这两天被love life 的video 牵动了。让我很惭愧,也了解到生命的珍贵,对生命有了重新的认识。








Thursday, March 25, 2010











Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Escape

Put down all the notes, journals and paper works...

Here I come, LONDON!

Last time I went there was October 2009.This time I managed to recognise the route to Vy's house.Brilliant.Was really hungry when we reached there due to early dinenr and my dinasour appetite.Its time to control i think everytime i wokr up and see my "面包脸“.I can see it is extending horizontally.Watched "the annoying orange" from yotube introduced by the lame king--WONG VOON YUAN.bwahahahaha.

Next day we went to Cambridge.I like the buildings there.More than Bath.Its so old and beautiful.And there are so many bicycles around with the basket in front.I dnno why i have such addiction to this.Maybe that's the conseqences of watching too many korean love drama, especially 爱上女主播.Panting was relaxing and fun as well.I think i need to start practise on camwhoring skills after all.

Thanks to aiwoon, our hardworking tour guide who did research on that place brought us to The eagle.A nice bar and the food there was really good.That's the place where Watson and Crick discovered DNA.For all the DNA lovers, hope you will find this piece of information useful:)

Back to london and had a small small birthday celebration with the birthday boy WONG VOON YUAN.Happy 21st.wahahahaa, the youngest among all of us.Faster find a gf and live happily ever after.Bluekkkk.

Sunday I went to EMIRATES STADIUM!Wooohooooo, i wanted to go there so badly and finally i managed to go there.Yayyy, was so excited inside the tub, waiting impatiently to reach Arsenal station.I wished i can watch a match there next year.I will gotta start saving money bit by bit.Hope my dream will come true.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Recently addicted to this tvb 3minutes plus programme.Each episode got different celebrities come out and tell atories and give some feedback from there.Some i find it really meaningful.The internet speed here is really fast till i cun stop watching one by one whole weekend.

This week is going to London again.Hoorayy.I should get everything settle nicely before I visit Emirates stadium.

Last night watched a taiwanese movie called 最遥远的距离。Maybe it was too hard to understand or i just din pay full attention.I'm abit clueless at the end.Sometimes i dun like taiwanese movie cause its too indirect and i dun like to watch this kind of movie.I just wanna laid down and get some entertainment from it.Im just lazy to analyse and interpret it on and on.

Had a great lazy weekend in my small but comfy room doing my coursework and chatting with my beloved ones.wheeeee

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Friday, March 12, 2010
















Thursday, March 11, 2010


We came into this world with nothing and what we have now is something that we gain and even if we lose it or fail to get what we want, we still didnt lose anything cause we have nothing at the beginning.

I'm glad that I gained much much more than what I expect, more than those that I lost.I know I need to appreciate every things i got and be satisfied.

Time is getting less for me.I dunno what am I doing.Things getting more and more uncertain lately.Is it a test?I feel that there's something changing, like a new chapter in my life.Im afraid to accept it.Work step by step.I need to have more confidence to move on.

Theres so much things that i think i should be improving to be a better person.But all seem to be so difficult.Should i try harder?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010




Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coffee as fuel for CAr??!!

The car will be driven the 210 miles between Manchester and London powered only by roasted coffee granules.

It has been built by a team from the BBC1 science programme Bang Goes The Theory and will go on display at the Big Bang science fair in Manchester to show how fuels other than conventional petrol and diesel can power vehicles.

The team calculates the Carpuccino will do three miles per kilo of ground coffee - the equivalent of about 56 espressos per mile.

The journey will use about 70 kilos of ground coffee which, at supermarket prices of between £13 and £26 a kilo depending on brand and quality, will cost between £910 and £1,820, or between 25 and 50 times the £36 cost of petrol for the journey.

In total, the trip will use the equivalent of 11,760 espressos, and the team will have to take 'coffee breaks' roughly every 30 to 45 miles to pour in more granules.

They will also have to stop about every 60 miles to clean out the 'coffee filters' to rid them of the soot and tar which is also generated by the process.

So despite a top speed of 60mph, the many stops mean the going will be slow, with the journey taking around ten hours.

Sadly, the inventors will still have to pay duty on their coffee fuel - even though tax collectors at Her Majesty's Revenue and Custom haven't yet worked out how much.

The coffee needs to be very dry and in pellets to allow the air to move through the pile of coffee as it burns. The brand doesn't matter.

This such a big suprise for me as scientist discovered that coffee can actually use as fuel just like petrol to make engines running.I personally do not hope this intervention would be working as this might make coffee more in high demand and maybe one day, we, the coffee addicts would not have enough coffee to drink.lolz.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A piece of advice for myself















CBS tripee

Bute Parc
Trying to act like a monkey>.<
Cardiff Castle (back view)
City Hall
Cardiff University
Girls just like to pose
I took this.Nice?
Those are water vapours from Bath spa
Looks a bit dirty to me

piles of stone???
fat fat face

Cathedral in the village that we went.Lovely

Mini Merry-Go -Round
Mirror that makes all of us looks slim
Cardi Bay

Welsh Cake.Must TRY
Yogurts from Welsh Food Market!!!
Green dinasour??!!
at Jamie's kitchen:p

Yipeee, had a great great weekend at Cardiff, Bath and Stonehenge.Is a great getaway and met my alevel friends, Patrina Poh and Faith.On friday noon, reached Cardiff and met Patrina, oh myyy, this girl is so thin now.Nearly cun recognise her.She must eat more i think.hehe.Went to visit Bute Parc,Cardiff Castle and walked around city.There were so packed with tourists and so many cars.Apparently, there was a rugby game held in the Millenium Stadium.Went to Welsh food market and spent long long time trying out all the yummy jam, cider and yogurt.Yummy yogurt, i just can't resist.Love the yogurt here, is in a big pot and i love eating it all with my big big spoon.Bwahahaha.

Went to Cardiff University on the way back to her hostel.It was really nice compared to Nottingham University.The wind there was so strong and freaking cold.Sometimes it can be really strong till u feel like almost being blown away.Horrible.Dinner was great.Met her other two flatmates, Ben and a Japanese guy, cun recall what his name already.sorry.All doing dentistry.Kinda clueless on the things they were talking about, except drugs name.lolz.

Next day we went to Bath.It was really nice, especially Roman Bath.Went to stonehenge which took us 1hour to reach there by mini van.Tourguide was busy introducing till one moment i felt so boring and just doze off.Had the big Sally Lun bun as my lunch.It is as big as my face me.macam hamburger ni.

Stonehenge is nth but stone.I hate stone.But still, it is one of the world heritage sites right?saw some cute biri-biri there.aww, there were so cute and fluffy:) We can't go near to the stone.Pay 5pounds just to walk around the stone.wth.and listen to all the mystery story about it.Felt like cheated, really.Then went to a small village which is quite nice.Like the cathedral at that village very much.We saw pictures of Prince Charles and Camelia.Apparently, Camelia's daughter held her wedding there and most of the royal family did attend.Amazing:) At night we had strawberry beer together in Patrina's hostel.It tasted like strawberry cider to sweet!I LIKE!

Sunday we had two lunch at one go.Cause we accidentally bumped into Jamie's restaurant and so lucky that they had table for 5 of us.We had a good try out session there.I shall made no comment about the food.U shd try it urself!*winks*Then, met Faith and Ben to have steak as 2nd lunch.Then have a cuppa in a cafe near rail station before we bid goodbye.Hope to meet them again next time.

Right now, I should go do my assignments and homework.Msian night is this staurday and these few days i have to spend lotsa time practising in different scene as "eXtra" or "k le fe" in cantonese.Yea, i am very important okay.Without me as and extra, whole drama wouldnt be complete anymore.*act arrogant* For those who bought the ticket,thanks for the support.We all did put lotsa effort in the play.Hope everyone will enjoy it.

2weeks later gonna meet up with aiwoon.Oh mann, time passes really fast.Time management is critical for me RIGHT NOW.shoooo