Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Escape

Put down all the notes, journals and paper works...

Here I come, LONDON!

Last time I went there was October 2009.This time I managed to recognise the route to Vy's house.Brilliant.Was really hungry when we reached there due to early dinenr and my dinasour appetite.Its time to control i think everytime i wokr up and see my "面包脸“.I can see it is extending horizontally.Watched "the annoying orange" from yotube introduced by the lame king--WONG VOON YUAN.bwahahahaha.

Next day we went to Cambridge.I like the buildings there.More than Bath.Its so old and beautiful.And there are so many bicycles around with the basket in front.I dnno why i have such addiction to this.Maybe that's the conseqences of watching too many korean love drama, especially 爱上女主播.Panting was relaxing and fun as well.I think i need to start practise on camwhoring skills after all.

Thanks to aiwoon, our hardworking tour guide who did research on that place brought us to The eagle.A nice bar and the food there was really good.That's the place where Watson and Crick discovered DNA.For all the DNA lovers, hope you will find this piece of information useful:)

Back to london and had a small small birthday celebration with the birthday boy WONG VOON YUAN.Happy 21st.wahahahaa, the youngest among all of us.Faster find a gf and live happily ever after.Bluekkkk.

Sunday I went to EMIRATES STADIUM!Wooohooooo, i wanted to go there so badly and finally i managed to go there.Yayyy, was so excited inside the tub, waiting impatiently to reach Arsenal station.I wished i can watch a match there next year.I will gotta start saving money bit by bit.Hope my dream will come true.


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