Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Recently addicted to this tvb 3minutes plus programme.Each episode got different celebrities come out and tell atories and give some feedback from there.Some i find it really meaningful.The internet speed here is really fast till i cun stop watching one by one whole weekend.

This week is going to London again.Hoorayy.I should get everything settle nicely before I visit Emirates stadium.

Last night watched a taiwanese movie called 最遥远的距离。Maybe it was too hard to understand or i just din pay full attention.I'm abit clueless at the end.Sometimes i dun like taiwanese movie cause its too indirect and i dun like to watch this kind of movie.I just wanna laid down and get some entertainment from it.Im just lazy to analyse and interpret it on and on.

Had a great lazy weekend in my small but comfy room doing my coursework and chatting with my beloved ones.wheeeee


  1. london is nice to visit, but expensive, i just back from there last week, hohohoh

  2. fine la chat with others NEVER with me sighhhhhh =P

    so free 2 watch series summore wats thisssss

  3. ron, not drama la.
    3.5 minutes of pure heart!

  4. Yea, i just saw ur blog post.All the pictures are so nice and sweet.Bet u had a great great time.

    thx aaron for helping me to clarify things to that ding dong ronnie chow.