Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bye Nottigham! Helo Italy!

Yes, I am leaving for Italy in less than 24hours! hoho~

My coffee, my gelato, my tiramisu, my pizza, my rissotto....

endless stuff to taste...

endless stuff to see...

endless stuff to explore...

Hope I can experience as much as I could in one week:)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hang in there!

Yes, this is how I convince myself every time I feel like giving up reading those "alien" papers with their great philosophy...

Yea, maybe I belong to somewhere else, I'm not quite understand their great thoughts. How I wished that I could share part of their great minds...

Realising that the deadline is approaching and I have limited stuff to present and yet, I am not pushing myself to the max. Still keeping myself occupied with other stuffs like watching my favourites TV shows.Life without entertainment can be so dull. hehe. What a good way to convince myself spending hours watching youtubes and so on.

Less than a week and I shall be in somewhere other than my desk, gazing at those great ancient buildings instead of papers, drinking the real Italian coffee and enjoying the sun shinning on my face instead of me looking at it across the window.

Well, not so pathetic like what I wrote ok? Im fine.

*time to go back to the searching engine mode.... PAPERS OH-PAPERS~

Not toilet paper ok??!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Such a beautiful song and meaningful MV:)

Have a great day, EVERYONE!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What lies ahead?

Unsure which direction should I go.

I wished I can just follow my heart but sometimes, you can't just think about just yourself.

I hate standing still in the same place for so long, without reaching a conclusion.

Passers-by did stop once in a while,

some of them stared with doubt, with concern

some of them trying to give some words of wisdom

some of them trying to lend me their hands to lead me

But still,

I am standing at the same place with the same position

Unsure which legs should I reach out first,

Unsure which position should I changed into,

what will happen if I take a step now?

sunshine or thunderstorm?

I'm tired of guessing and taking all into considerations.

All I want is to stay in the place where I should belong.

To be what I truly am.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coffee time again~!

Yes, coffee again!

This is the latest brand that I am drinking now. Previously, did try on few brands such as Nescafe, Douwe Egbert and Kenco. I still haven try on Nescafe Gold and other more expensive brands... Gotta save alot to try 'em all.Lolz. To be honest, I still like the white coffee that I drink in Malaysia... Sometimes, it's not the coffee beans that matter the most, it also depends on something else.To me, the best coffee that I had ever drank was the one my beloved aunt made for be the day before I leave Malaysia during the last summer, in my grandfather coffee shop, with the toasted bread she made.... I still remember the aroma of the coffee she made. Im glad that grandpa's coffee shop is still operating until now. So traditional and simple. It is the best meeting places for our family during weekends to catch up with each other.

So, back to the topic again... Carte Noire is my favourite brand for now although it is slightly pricey. I like the texture of it... very rich and it smells really really good. LOVE IT!

I still haven try those coffee in Italy... Two more weeks and I will be there, drinking coffee everyday and gonna pamper myself in this romantic place soon:)

Dreams are always so perfect... Im lack of motivation. I have no mood in doing what I should be doing now. I need a "push" button!


Monday, March 14, 2011





认识你四年,看你越来越漂亮啦,会打扮啦,脸上散发着女人的气质 (除了你三八的时候,其他时候都ok lar, 哈哈!)

你那爽朗的性格,要keep 住!常常带给大家欢笑,真的很佩服你的记忆力,尤其是我们的丑事,都过了大半年了,你还可以把细节一一地说出来,佩服佩服!哈哈。



记得我有事烦的时候,你总是可以把东西简单化,总是可以让我笑,让我把事情看得 positive 一些。






Friday, March 11, 2011


Tuesday, March 8, 2011



On my second day in Madrid, we took a day trip to Segovia, which is a city in Spain and can be reached in 30minutes by high speed train from Madrid.

To be honest, I never expected that Segovia can be such a wonder. Love all the brown color building, the narrow and tiny streets, the well preserved Aqueduct, cathedral and Alcazar.

People there hardly understand English and can be quite rude if you don't understand.

But still, this city is beautiful. You will definitely fall in love with it especially when you are into historical buildings.

In 1985 the old city of Segovia and its Aqueduct were declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

So, we got up early morning and reached Atocha railway station, which was then told by the staff at the ticket counter saying that the train to Segovia is only available in another railway station in Chemantin. That was kinda far and we had no choice but to miss the early train to Segovia thanks to the wrong information given by the receptionist in the hostel that we stayed. Urgh~

So, we went to the football stadium in Madrid on the way to Chamantin railway station.

Took the high speed train and it was so comfy and warm inside the coach. 22 degree Celsius.

You must be thinking that I am crazy to make a complain on the room temperature but, for people who has been exposed to cold weather in the UK, 22 degree Celsius is considered "warm".

Atocha Railway Station
Our train tickets!
First experience on high speed train!Lolz.
Sounds like "sampat girl"
The next thing we saw after we passed by a tunnel was THIS!
Everyone was so excited to see this unexpected view in mid March.
The next thing we saw when we reached Segovia.
What a great day to start off with...
There were also cows but I didnt managed to snap a pictures of them cause
we had to catch the bus that took us to the “downtown” area,
and upon stepping off we saw the huge aqueduct leading deeper into the city
Don't you think that we were like the sardines inside the tin?
It was soooo pack inside the bus in which I almost deprived of oxygen.
No good. (Ignore my tired looking face too!)
The bus trip took us about 20minutes swaying from one side to another cause
there were many roundabouts.
The next thing we saw was the THIS!!! see pic below:
TA-DAAA!!Roman Aqueduct which is still in use!!

Exciting boys!
Phew-wit~ Yea, that's me (the pretty lady, *choking*)
posing next to this ancient Roman building
Note that the stairs will lead you to the other end of the old city
where you can witness the Walls of Segovia.
Spiderman wannabe~
The holes on the stone were used to lift rocks up with calipers
But there were legends saying that these are the marks of the devil's fingers

This is one of the most important Roman civil engineering work in Spain.

It is made of rough-hewn massive granite blocks, joined without mortar or clamps.
I wondered how many peoples were sacrificed for this
stonework during ancient times...
So many years passed by and yet, it is well preserved.
The street in this historical city.
*like like like*
Segovia has many of such tiny but special restaurant
I like the patterns on the wall of this building!
Look at the Classic!

Alcazar Castle~
which is said to be the inspiration of Walt Disney’s Cinderella palace
Magnificent view of the city on the way to Alcazar
I can still view the mountain covered with snow behind...
Monument on the way to Alcazar
It is right beside Alcazar
View at the top of the city
Alcazar Castle was originally a fortress, which has
also been a royal palace
Bars on the windows reveal this tower's history as a state prison
Wind are so strong that I barely able to open my eyes big big.
Looked so ugly.
View of the cathedral on top of the Tower of John II

Narrow and Gothic street.
Love it!
Sun light does a great work in making most of my pictures look beautiful
I like the flower pots in one of the balcony...
Picnic basket anyone?
Or you prefer to have the piggy right at the bottom?

It stretches from the walls of the old town to the edges of Sierra de Guadarrama
- about 2950 feet long
Love the patterns on the wall and the lamp post!
Had a great old feeling on them!
So old and yet it amazes me...

View of the old city across the arch of aqueduct
The sculptures of the Loba Capitolina in front of the aqueduct
- a gift that Rome gave to the city in 1974 during the events of the billienium anniversary of the aqueduct.
Time to go back to Madrid!
See you in a bit....


Yes, I'm back from MADRID!~

Went to one of the famous bullfighting stadium in Madrid and joined the tour to have a glance over the place.

Came back and have a look at the video on how the event was held and I can't move on but closed the video just at the beginning when the bull attacked the man or when the man hit the sword right at the back of the bull's neck.

It was just too cruel and gross to witness how mankind torture animal. Watching it suffer and still cheer for it.

Those bull that were killed will be dragged to a room where their meat will be cut and sell to all over the places. If the public or the matador believe that the bull has fought extremely bravely, they may petition the president of the event to grant the bull a pardon (indulto) and if granted the bull's life is spared and it is allowed to leave the ring alive and return to the ranch where it came from. Then the bull becomes a stud bull for the rest of its life.

Although this is a culture/ art that people may wish to keep, this kind of "entertainment" should have banned to protect human and bull's right. To witness both of the parties die in such a cruel and bloody way is just barbaric and cruel.

I wished that this sports will be banned to prevent further unwanted death of innocent peoples attacked by bull. Also, I do not wish to hear stories on how those "heroes" die beneath the bloody thorn of the bull. To sacrifice ur life upon such "heroism" manner is just ridiculous to me. People may cheer for you at the moment you killed the bull, but when you are sacrificed, people will mourned for your death and with time, you will be forgotten. it's just a show to them and new bullfighters will eventually divert their attention away from you. You are just famous for killing bull. In a cruel way. Imagine yourself being that bull, helpless and destined to fight for their life in such a torturous manner.

I just wished that more people will realised that and put this a stop. There are many ways of promoting this culture, to make people know about this art, but, I just don't find that by continuing this sport is the wise option.

Sorry for such a serious post but this is truly how I feel about bullfighting.

I will definitely post some positive side about Spain in my next post If I had time...


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011






时光小偷,明天的记忆,180 度都百听不腻。