Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yes, I'm back from MADRID!~

Went to one of the famous bullfighting stadium in Madrid and joined the tour to have a glance over the place.

Came back and have a look at the video on how the event was held and I can't move on but closed the video just at the beginning when the bull attacked the man or when the man hit the sword right at the back of the bull's neck.

It was just too cruel and gross to witness how mankind torture animal. Watching it suffer and still cheer for it.

Those bull that were killed will be dragged to a room where their meat will be cut and sell to all over the places. If the public or the matador believe that the bull has fought extremely bravely, they may petition the president of the event to grant the bull a pardon (indulto) and if granted the bull's life is spared and it is allowed to leave the ring alive and return to the ranch where it came from. Then the bull becomes a stud bull for the rest of its life.

Although this is a culture/ art that people may wish to keep, this kind of "entertainment" should have banned to protect human and bull's right. To witness both of the parties die in such a cruel and bloody way is just barbaric and cruel.

I wished that this sports will be banned to prevent further unwanted death of innocent peoples attacked by bull. Also, I do not wish to hear stories on how those "heroes" die beneath the bloody thorn of the bull. To sacrifice ur life upon such "heroism" manner is just ridiculous to me. People may cheer for you at the moment you killed the bull, but when you are sacrificed, people will mourned for your death and with time, you will be forgotten. it's just a show to them and new bullfighters will eventually divert their attention away from you. You are just famous for killing bull. In a cruel way. Imagine yourself being that bull, helpless and destined to fight for their life in such a torturous manner.

I just wished that more people will realised that and put this a stop. There are many ways of promoting this culture, to make people know about this art, but, I just don't find that by continuing this sport is the wise option.

Sorry for such a serious post but this is truly how I feel about bullfighting.

I will definitely post some positive side about Spain in my next post If I had time...


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