Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coffee time again~!

Yes, coffee again!

This is the latest brand that I am drinking now. Previously, did try on few brands such as Nescafe, Douwe Egbert and Kenco. I still haven try on Nescafe Gold and other more expensive brands... Gotta save alot to try 'em all.Lolz. To be honest, I still like the white coffee that I drink in Malaysia... Sometimes, it's not the coffee beans that matter the most, it also depends on something else.To me, the best coffee that I had ever drank was the one my beloved aunt made for be the day before I leave Malaysia during the last summer, in my grandfather coffee shop, with the toasted bread she made.... I still remember the aroma of the coffee she made. Im glad that grandpa's coffee shop is still operating until now. So traditional and simple. It is the best meeting places for our family during weekends to catch up with each other.

So, back to the topic again... Carte Noire is my favourite brand for now although it is slightly pricey. I like the texture of it... very rich and it smells really really good. LOVE IT!

I still haven try those coffee in Italy... Two more weeks and I will be there, drinking coffee everyday and gonna pamper myself in this romantic place soon:)

Dreams are always so perfect... Im lack of motivation. I have no mood in doing what I should be doing now. I need a "push" button!



  1. yieeee... so nice... can try out so many coffee!!! envy envy~

  2. hahaha, malaysia oso got many different brand what...:)

  3. but we want drink free coffee, whers ur grandfather coffee shop?? x]