Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What lies ahead?

Unsure which direction should I go.

I wished I can just follow my heart but sometimes, you can't just think about just yourself.

I hate standing still in the same place for so long, without reaching a conclusion.

Passers-by did stop once in a while,

some of them stared with doubt, with concern

some of them trying to give some words of wisdom

some of them trying to lend me their hands to lead me

But still,

I am standing at the same place with the same position

Unsure which legs should I reach out first,

Unsure which position should I changed into,

what will happen if I take a step now?

sunshine or thunderstorm?

I'm tired of guessing and taking all into considerations.

All I want is to stay in the place where I should belong.

To be what I truly am.

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