Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hang in there!

Yes, this is how I convince myself every time I feel like giving up reading those "alien" papers with their great philosophy...

Yea, maybe I belong to somewhere else, I'm not quite understand their great thoughts. How I wished that I could share part of their great minds...

Realising that the deadline is approaching and I have limited stuff to present and yet, I am not pushing myself to the max. Still keeping myself occupied with other stuffs like watching my favourites TV shows.Life without entertainment can be so dull. hehe. What a good way to convince myself spending hours watching youtubes and so on.

Less than a week and I shall be in somewhere other than my desk, gazing at those great ancient buildings instead of papers, drinking the real Italian coffee and enjoying the sun shinning on my face instead of me looking at it across the window.

Well, not so pathetic like what I wrote ok? Im fine.

*time to go back to the searching engine mode.... PAPERS OH-PAPERS~

Not toilet paper ok??!!

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