Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be Good

My Dear Heater,

Please be good to me.When i switch off the suis, it means I'm very warm and i wish that you can have a rest, not giving out more heat to make me feel like I'm in the Sahara or somewhere else.And when i switch you on, means I'm kinda cold so can you give out more heat instead of giving me little but no response?:(

You are making my life sort of pathetic recently.I thought i was having a temperature but in fact im just normal.Please don't turn me into bbq pork or something.I need a REPLACEMENT for my heater.Mr.XXX, can u faster come to rescue me by giving me a more obedient heater as you promise?I've been waiting impatiently here.Hmmm....

From Your NOT-SO-HAPPY owner

Note: Found that strawberry yogurt mixed with wholegrain tastes really GREAT.Most importantly, it cools down my throat.LOVE:)


  1. switch on the SWITCH, not SUIS. whats this from the girl stayin in uk for so long already? =P haha

  2. cheh, this doesnt apply to me lo.ahahha.