Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Updates

Yo, it's been awhile since I updated my stuff here.

Been busy and feeling lazy.

Whenever there is free time, would rather to use it for something else.hehe.

So here comes November. Beginning of Winter? I guess it will be real soon.

So, as usual, I'm just lazy to write down every single details so

let the pictures do the talking again!

p/s: what a good excuse.hehe.

Happy Birthday Darling Vivian
Wish you get prettier day by day, Muacksss

Fong wen and Darren
Aren't you think they got 夫妻相

Curry chicken with rice

Rice are just way to hard to resist.hoho

Han Yin and Chuan Jooi

Girl Rules Generation??

Group Picture.LOVE:)

Ice-cream cake made by Fong Wen
Simply delicious

Picture of the day.
With Han Yin
Lots of hugs:)

The next event was York Trip with Chuan Jooi's coursemates, Uwen, Fong wen, Darren and Andy. Seriously hate travelling by bus in the UK. They tend to brake very often and drive cautiously which end up making me and uwen get motion sickness.

York is an amazing place. Love this small little city. It was beautiful. Lots of small and cute shops selling origamis, dolls and other handmade stuff. U will love it. Also, I like the tea rooms there. There are lots of them and one of the most famous one is Betty's Tea Room. The cakes, pastries, coffees and main meals there are really good.

However, the weather on that day was a big NO NO. It was windy and drizzling. Also, we do not have much time to explore the whole city of York. Still, we had fun together.


Love the weather in the early morning
AND It's autumn baby!!!


York street

York Minster
One of the largest medieval gothic catheral
in Northern Europe


Guardian angels
Ghost Stories Trip

"Ban Sai Ye"
So not cool lohhhh

There are so many cute teddy bears inside.
And the chocolate cake that I ordered is so nice:)
With Strawberries too!!

Betty's Tea Room

My pretty model- Uwen
More pictures

Our tour guide@Soy Sauce- Andy Yap

My new coffee powder
Just nice.
Need to improve my technique in making
a nice cup of coffee.

That's all for now.

Will updates you guys on other events in my next post.

Hope you guys find this interesting:)

Stay tuned.

By the way, can anyone teach me how to combine multiple photos in a single picture?
Sorry, im abit noob here.

Thanks guys")

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