Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yelling and Yacking

Ignore this please!!!

I just wanna find a space to scream my lungs out!!!!

I am suffocated!!!

Year 4 is there to FAIL me I think.

9am class is the most TORTUROUS PART~!!

and loads of works to do. I dun even have time to enjoy my life in the UK!

And all the decisions are there, waiting impatiently for me to make up my mind.

Im in dilemma.

I need help ( raising white flags!). Someone come rescue me pleaseeee ><

Dear all the challenges that I am facing now, please let me overcome all of u:((

I hate those negative feelings. I wish to accept all as part of my life but not everytime.

I need a balance.

I need to calm down.

I need to be confident. I can do it right? Yes!

I am GASPING for the air of FREEDOM~




  1. trust me i'm not any better..always here to share.. =)

  2. Thanks aiwoon.Year 4 is tough for all of us. Lots of things to consider and lots of uncertainty that makes us fear to move forward. Let's just be confident and make a decision to keep walking. Good luck! We will get there:)