Friday, November 19, 2010

Online Shopping

Recently, my house members got a crush for online shopping!

In this country of unpredictable weather, online shopping is doing me a BIG favor. Not only it is cheaper sometimes, you can always check the stock as easy and as quick as you can!

No need to see the arrogant face of certain salesperson, no need to wait and at the end they tell you no stock, no need to give 2pounds to go down to city and walk here and there just to get all the buying list sorted out!

So, online shopping is kinda convenient.heh!

Of course, there are some bad sides about it as well.


Here is a pair of boots that I got myself for this winter. Gaaahhhhh, its gonna keep my tiny feet warm and cosy:) And it is cute too!

Hope that I could post more stuff here when I'm free.

I'm just too tired and weak. The viruses are attacking my throat again and I am housebound for two days:(


  1. i <3 online shopping, too! especially in my kampung place.. where u cant find any mall =.=''

  2. Ohh really? Got any good links for me? I wanna online shopping when I'm back in Malaysia. It's way cheaper right?