Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's February Already!

Recently i constantly feeling lazy and sleepy even after drinking my coffee.My 'chicken essence' is no longer working? I doubt.So much to do and yet there are so many things i wanna get involved to make my life not so boring. Hard to concentrate and not in a good mood.I hate wearing the mask to meet people like this.Is like a big fat liar.Sometimes just wanna protect myself,just dun wanna get revealed.Just wanna stay safely away from anyone except myself.Just wanna put everything deep deep down and dun wanna touch it.

Abit worry cause result is out tomorrow.NOt much confident thinking back.Bit regret dat i din put much effort in the 5 credits assignments. This sem i even more slack.Just wanna go home.Whenever i open d notes and read, my mind will automatically go far far back to Malaysia.

Placements are hard to get since the competition is getting higher.Din put much high expectation on it.Sometimes i think im very weak.Im actually scared facing things alone.I hATE uncertainty.Whenever things get out of my control, i start panicking.

Chinese new year.Dunno how my family will be celebrating it?Maybe i will opt for a peaceful one.As long as being with my lovely friends, i guess cny in UK is not so pathetic isn't it?

Wish me luck for 2ml.I need sum lucksss.I dun wanna stay here during August to see all the old disgusting notes again.They are monsters that will cause me endless sleep and turn into a zombie.

Ohya, finally i noe how 2 cook bihun.Last nite had a funny trial session with ee teen.I think this will be a good start for both of us.Teeheheee


  1. All the best to u!! Hope u can get the result that u aim for!! ^^

  2. Thanks.Will accept it no matter good or bad:)u tc yea!

  3. all the best.. inform me bout ur result ya.. relax.. hehe