Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Freaking Cold~

Recently the weather here is super duper cold.I just feel so reluctant to leave my room and go outside.Is like entering a freezer out there.Just now woke up saw all those thick thick snowflake falling down.I dun have a feeling of excitement.I hate snow and winter.I wan my spring to come visit me ASAP@.@

I think there's something wrong with the "remote control" of the weather now.I hope it will get reset soon.Gaaaahhhh, give me warmer place to stay in pleaseee.

Am going to Cardiff, Bath and Stonehenge this coming weekend.I must make sure i will bring along my camera with the charger this time.FINALLY! a trip to bath.A place that I always wanted to go when I was applying pharmacy course during alevels.Will give u all a short description of the trip when im bek yea:)


  1. it is freaking hot in malaysia!

  2. haha..same! i dont feel excited to see anymore snow!!!! the weather is crazy!!! it shouldnt be this cold in end of feb!!!