Friday, July 17, 2009

No Water:(

Today is a real bad day.Whole day no water.WAT A SUFFER!!!

Its been sometime since i remembered how important water to us.Without water, there are lots of thing we couldn't do.haih.To me, without water is worse than without electricity.I used to waste water every single day until yesterday when there is limited amount of water, i found that it was so difficult to perform my daily activities.

I guess its time for me to make a change now.Conserve the water o else we or our future generation will have to pay for the price.Nowadays, there are many countries facing water shortage and yet we still wasting the clean water supply without guilt. By making a little effort to conserve water from now, we will be able to save our mother nature from being worsen.

I really hope that after 30 years, we still can enjoy watching the spectacular view of the river and lake in all over the world.

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