Friday, July 10, 2009


After a weeks of preparation and worrying, i finally got my visa to the UK.Thank god most of my friends oso successfully got their visa as well.Thank you so much to my friends who keep reminding me about things to bring and sending me the latest checklist to submit to the application centre.Its really strict and difficult for most of us to prepare the documents that they required especially the bank account details and bank letter.I kinda jealous to realise how easy my friend used to apply the australia student visa.But anyway, we still make it through.wat a great relief.lucky our visa fees worth of rm783 is not wasted.FYI the visa fee is increasing up to 800plus due to the exchange rate i guess.I dun understand why is it so expensive for us to apply the visa.700plus per person...dey r earning alot man.haha.Today, i went to the office again to collect my visa with uwen.There was this girl sitting behind us found out v got our visa and congrated uwen few times.She seemed more excited den both of us.Maybe is not easy to apply for the visa and v shd be really happy dat v got it??i dunno.i just feel...ok?lolz. Anyway, i feel relieved dat i got it finally.Now i just nid 2 wait for the time 2 pass.haha.I dunno how 2 pack my stuff like alot of thing i wanna bring it there.jz wait til i got the panic attack then.ehhehe.Ohya, to those who are applying the uk visa, just make sure u stick to the checklist which can be found on their website(vfs smth...)and make a photocopies of all d documents.Its not as hard as u thought as long as u got all the things they want.Good luck yea"))

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