Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last few days were terrible for me...the hormonal changes that run in my body plus the high cortisol levels in my blood had exacerbate the amount of pimples "planted" on my face....urghhh. I dunno wats wrong with my body. Its seems like dey are against me wen i needed dem the most. The pimples jz pop up uncontrollably and is the first time i gt a feeling of an aeroplane crashed on my delicate body. I was so desperate to dash bek home 2 seek sum medical advice to get rid of dem. Though it was terrible luking but i cun stop drinking my favourite coffee. I really nid 2 stick on it. It keeps me awake and active throughout the day. It makes thing seems good to me.hah. I guess theres sumthing btw me and coffee. Nothing can tear us apart. I really wish that i can have a chance to meet sum coffee expert and share their exepriences about coffee and teach me all about coffee knowledge. I wonder where can i get a nice book which got all the info about coffee together with those nice pics of the aroma and those nice porcelain cups! It makes drinking cofee a very classy and relaxing moment to me! I guess this is one of the way which can let me get rid of those stressful moment.

Semester 2 wasnt that relaxing as what i expected.theres so many assignments and reading to be done. NOt to mention how disspointing some of the lecturers are. I think theres no Bond between me and chemistry. i cun imagine how am i going 2 digest the whole natural products without getting diarrhoea or vomitting. Ohya...dissertation. I cun imagine i have to start working on my drawing and colouring skills once again as required by my lecturer. Every single diagram must be drawn on our own and preferably colour dem. I was wondering wheter im doing a art work now or dissertation... Funny:(

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  1. how in sem 2 definitely sucks a bit. hectic...