Sunday, March 22, 2009

mY maid

I never had such a deep feeling about her before. The time we spend together wasn’t really long.Plus I don’t really like to express myself. But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t care about her. I always feel that she is very tough. She used to work in Malaysia 10 years ago. She decided to work here again because she wanna support her daughter to study medicines. Unlike the previous maids, she seldom call back home. She showed us the pics of her family. I bet she misses them a lot. She tend to put a lot of her time in working so that she can set those feelings aside and wun feel so sad after all. Slowly, I started to feel that I should show more concern about her so that she will feel more comfortable in this foreign country. Last night, sis told me that she’s been suffering from toothache for months but never tell us because she is afraid of the dentist and the medical fees. Today, she went to the dentist and extracted two teeth. But she still carried on her daily office task and refused to take rest. She felt painful and yet she tried her best to bear with it without complaining. I guess if I were her, I would have lie down on my bed whole day and do nothing. I would be complaining a lot too or just cried about the pain. I guess I should really learn from her. To be strong, to be tough. No matter what happen. At least that would not make your loved ones worry about you. That’s also one way of showing your love to them. When your are away from your family, do take good care of yourself and be strong enough to handle all the difficulties that you are facing now so that they will not be worry about you. At least, they can be more concentrated in their own duty and also, they might feel happy and relieved to see how well you’ve been up to. Being separated with your loved ones might be heartbreaking. However, this is actually a good opportunity for you to grow up and become independent.

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