Friday, July 24, 2009

Tic Toc

Working for almost 1month in the retail pharmacist, there were many interesting case happen most of the day.

For instance, there will be few customer who tend to walk in and asked for dog's biscuit and we will like huh??uncle, here sells medicines, not pet shop. Then he will be shocked and realised that he went into the wrong shop.Some even asked for photostat, top up card or even chinese tradisional herbs and coca cola.I wonder what people think about retail pharmacy is.A groceries or staionary shop?multichoice perhaps???

Sometimes, there will be small kids coming in and lighten up my boring day.They will always go to the sweet corner and beg their parents 2 buy for them.Recently, there is this transformer shaped multivitamins in the market and many kids love it cause the vitamin comes with puzzle.Thres was once a parent refuse to buy her child the vitamin cause its quite expensive.Before they left, the kid hit his mum's back saying that she is a bad mummy.

Sometimes i really think dat it is really hard 2 satisfy every customer.They wan the best price and we try our best to fullfill them and yet they are not happy.Some even compare our prices with those they bought in Ipoh!!Every things in the market is getting pricy so they shdnt be surprise that their medicine price increases as well ryte?


  1. u sure??is darn expensive leh.not worth it buddies:))