Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pasar Malam

Last wednesday,i went 2 pasar malam with my frens 2 buy dinner.i really spent alot that night buying all d food that i like.D first thing that i got for myself was 'tau fu fa"!!!!it was soooo yummy.den v went to buy chicken chop.according 2 hy,this is very delicious as me n uwen shared cz v definitely cun finish it all on our own.Honestly, im really grateful 2 have her sumtimes cz v can alw share our food 2gether and dun have 2 waste it just like v can save our money 2 try put other food as well.hah.So,there was this young guy helping his papa to cut d chicken into small pieces.I was tinking that v were so lucky that v dun have 2 work like him after school.It must b really tiring for him.den v went 2 d stall next to it 2 buy bubble tea.this time i pick up peach flavor.Not bad lah.uwen asked me 2 pick yam cz she said its nice but im such a rebellant gurl.i never listen 2 her.haha.den while v were waiting for our bubble teas,d young man reappear.i got shock initially thinkin that mayb he wanna borrow sumting for d anutie.Then,a moment later i can see him shaking d bubble tea "sesat" nerve got stimulated den n i told my frens about this.


Fren:oh,maybe 他们是一起的。


他的手很忙hor?等下他会不会confuse ,把鸡排放进去shake bubble tea 给别人?


i dunno whether u can get my lame joke o not but i really think its funny.i even told Banana(ie wil cz he wore a yellow shirt tat day,hehe) but he dun really give me d response dat i want.sad.

But dat day i really happy cz i gt sooo many food in my hands.Then,v ate 2gether in d kitchen till 9 o 10smth.

i really hate it wen i went bek 2 my room.d stpd bus alw stop in front of my hall.the sound of d engine was unbearable.fine.den d two indian hsemates staying next to me cam bek n dey start chit chat outside my room!!!i was sooo pissed wif dem.cun dey just stay in their room n chat as loud as dey could???!!! the same time,the giant staying upstairs start thumbing his big foot against d floor making my room shake!!i can feel d waves changing,making me feel slight dizzy.This is not d first time and i really cun stand with any1 of dem.really hate this place.i cun even get a peace in my life gonna bring my headphone next week.i cun stand with any1 of dem anymore!and d dust that d bus created in my room!!dey are makin my skin feeling itchy!!!i cun open my windows wide wide just like last time.and ppl opposite to my hall can see thru my room as well!!!dats so horrible.i cun open my curtain just like last time.d room is very small already,if theres no airation,im going 2 dieeeeeee.i hate it.i-am-not-hapi.:(

im sori,i noe i complain alot in this post.its not interesting at all.i just need a space 2 pour out all my grievances.i will b fine.i gt no choice but 2 adapt 2 it right?I will write smth hapi in my next post.haha.


  1. haha. lamenya ur milkshake. good size font now...congrats. n stop calling me banana. so if i wear blue next time u'll call me a dolphin? gosh...i can't wear anything la then? sad betul. n wat response u wan? laugh?? wahahaha. ahahahha. there...laugh d...happy gua?

  2. so cham having to leave in dat place..hope u can adapt soon la.hhaha.take care