Thursday, October 23, 2008


I tink i really got a crush on him.

i nid 2 place where i can made this confession.Perhaps few years later wen he has grown up and start blogging,he might realise this.Last weekend,i met him at a restaurant with his mummy and brother.He is still so cute and charm 2 me.He still recognised me.tat makes me feel so happy.I cun stop tinking of him every single day.I wish my holiday is not end yet.i wish i had more time 2 get along with him.I wanna watch him grow day by day.

Sumtimes i wonder how he luks like wen he bcum a teenager.i bet he will b a popular one in his and cool.i hope he wun turn up 2 b a gangster o smth.i wish that i could bump in2 him one more time.i wished 2 tok 2 him longer.

Hewas so shy in front of his mother.and it was so funny dat wen i caught his eyes,he quickly turn away.den i heard him whisper 2 his mum.i bet he must b telling her how fierce am i wen i was teaching him last time.o how good am i 2 alw give him a star weneva he got full marks for his spelling and dictation.

the story btw us will continues :p it belongs 2 me n him...

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