Saturday, October 25, 2008

Huang zHu...

I so glad that uwen actually lend me her yellow pig 2 teman me throughout this weekend 2 ease my boredom.I dun understand why every1 in my gang dont like him and alw said that it is very dirty.but i can always c the cute side of it.Everytime i go 2 her room,i will definitely cuddle him.He is really adorable.Yday i was having a great time with him.weneva i was boring i will make him pose differently.he is such a camwhore.haha.i will try 2 update all his latest pics as soon as i go home next week.U will get crazy for him jz like me.keke.


  1. yerr...weird...haha. and u got a crush on a kid? tats weird too. weirdo overall...winner. Hahahahaha.

  2. i would like to c the piggy too...

  3. my godddd ah ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!u ar...ahahahahah