Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yellow Pig Cutie Picssss!!! (limited edition)

HEY people!!!Im ssooooooo sorry for this late update.huang zhu has been very impatient as well as he wanna meet his fans here as well.I was kind bz and i dun have internet connection in uni so i can onli update his pics sorry for making all of you wait.I hope the pics below wun dissapoint u all.This is my first time actually take a camera(hp actually) and take pics of sum1 or sumthing o wateva.haha.Feel free 2 drop any comment on my "skills" and the quality of the pics.haha.i will try 2 improve next time.but dun b too straight forward.i scare i will get hurt.huang zhu mite cry as well.hahaha.dun hurt both of us k.hahaha.hope u all will enjoy it!

HI, Everybody!My name is Huang zhu or yellow pig.Nice to meet you all:)

When my master-Uwen is not around,i will spend most of the
time day-dreaming and SLEEPzzzzz

I dun like Uwen's friend-MOmokO.
She loves grabbing and squuezing me into not-so-handsome
shape and kidnaps me weneva my master goes bek home.Recently she
likes to take pics of me,im sooo fed up with her ady:(

Wheneva im sad or moody,i will listen to
Jay Chou's music.My favourite song is "Kai Bu Liao Kou"

Sumtims i will also read some lecture notes during free time.

Although the MoMOko dam irritating,
But she treats me quite good and feeds me
cod liver oil every morning to make sure i dun fall sick.

When the weather is hot,she will give me some water to quench
my thirst.I think i kinda like her oso.But still,
Uwen is still my Beloved.Muakksss:P

Uwen is staying opposite to MOmoko's hall.I
miss her alot.Everyday i luk across the window
hoping to see her cum bek and pick me up...

I will look at the calendar from time to time
to count the remaining days left before
i can meet Uwen again.Oh My DarrrLING~~

Cause The EviL moMOko alw makes me
sleep on her DIRTY AND SMELLY books.
i dont even have a blanket on and d space is so small:(


  1. It would be better if u replace the pig with URSELF in those pics.




  2. wahhhh so efficient la u.not boad not nid stdy huh????wan kena pukul a???hahahaha.tq

  3. ok la, quite a good story. only a kid can come out with tat storyline, but still, its ori. so, giv u an A with a lot of stars la. hahaha ***************************************************

  4. momoko, the pics are so cute .. really looks like huang zhu daily life pics.. hahaha.. good skills :)