Saturday, November 15, 2008


Recently i attented two fren's bday party and each time i remind myself 2 bring my own plate,fork and spoon and a cup as well.This is because i noe tht my fren's house wun have enough plates and cups to serve all of us.Plus every1 jz wanna chill out in the party,who would ever wanna b stuck in the kitchen with the mountains of dishes waithing 2 b washed?So most of the time people just buy lotsa polystyrene cups and plates to solve things up as it is more convenient and saves time on cleaning and managing the rubbish after the party.

But,i think all of us should reconsider our action next time wen v wanna host a party.

Here are sum related articles that i wish 2 share with all of u.U can ignore it if u are not interested.

Fact 1: it takes about 14 megajoules (or about 14 million times the energy required to lift an apple 1 meter) to manufacture a ceramic coffee mug. It takes 200,000 joules to make a polystyrene cup, about half the energy required to make a paper cup.

So, even before other considerations, you'd have to use the ceramic mug 70 times to offset the energy of a single polystyrene cup.

But there are other considerations, most notably washing. Assuming a cup is washed with other dishes using a dishwasher (which is actually more efficient than washing by hand), then a ceramic mug would have to be used 1,006 times before the energies between it and a polystyrene cup equal out.

Fact 2: On Wa$ted, a family of eco-criminals used disposable cups in order to avoid washing reusable ones. No, they are not saving water because it takes a significantly greater amount of water to produce a new polystyrene cup than it does to wash a re-usable one.

Polystyrene emerged in the dark ages of convenience. Its residue will be around for many thousands of years.

Now,i would like to share another article that i found online which i tink is interesting.I hope it will change ur mind after reading it and start replacing the polystyrene cup with a ceramic mug...

Initially--a few decades ago--styrofoam was bad because its manufacture involved the use of Chloro-flourocarbons, or CFCs. And CFCs, when released into the atmosphere as the Styrofoam broke apart or broke down, would sail up into the sky, attach to pieces of Ozone, and pull them out of the Ozone Layer, allowing cancer-causing radiation waves to stream towards us from our 93 million mile-distant sun, raising skin-cancer risks and heating up the Antarctic, among other things.
Well, since the late seventies CFCs have been banned from sources like styrofoam and aerosol bottles. So, in that sense, styrofoam is safe now.

But we've been on this planet a while now, and we are very very messy tenants, and so styrofoam is now a new threat--landfill filler.

Styrofoam, for all intents and purposes, doesn't break down. Ever. There could very likely be a group of our descendants, thousands of years from now, who could dig up a landfill, reach down, grab a styrofoam cup, wash it off, and drink whatever strange protein-sludge they will drink to keep themselves alive on the gamma-blasted desert we leave them as our legacy.
Or, we could just use smarter stuff, and slow the urgent rate of landfill-closings in this country.

Try this: Use a Friggin Mug!

Is that so hard? Or how about this: get off your lazy duff, wash the dishes, and use them again.

Was that really so bad?

Modern dishwashers actually use very little water; certainly much less than you would standing there yourself washing the dishes. So just use a glass or a cup--both of which could be made from recycled glass or plastic--and then either give it a quick rinse and re-use it, or pop it into the dishwasher and re-use it. It's not that hard.

The most surprising thing about living green is that it really isn't that hard. It is just different from the wasteful and disrespectful way most of us live now--and I am not any more innocent than the rest of us (I have shameful memories of breaking styrofoam cups apart in the late seventies and screaming "Oh No, The Ozone Layer! The Ozone Layer!" with over-dramatic glee. I'm sorry.)

But the only difficult part is that first moment of change. Once you start the new momentum, it's really the same life we're living. A little change here, a little re-use there, and suddenly our descendants are running in green fields, instead of doing protein-sludge shots while they hide in opaque radiation-shielded domes during the cancer-causing height of their nuclear winter.

Just use a damn mug

Global warming issues is now no longer something new to all of us and yet i hardly see any people actually start making some changes in thir lifestyle to protect our mother earth.If every1 start bringing their container to thier friend's house warming party o any other occasion,im sure the amount of disposable polystyrene cups will be reduced.There once i was told that some animals actually eat polystyrene stuff and bcause it is indigested,it retained in its body for a long preiod of time.The animal dun have d feeling of hunger due to the distension of stomach in the presence of those undigested stuff.As a result,they actually die from hunger and people actually found those stuff in their stomach after dey had decomposed.

By just washing ur food container every time u finish eating,im sure it wun take you very long before you start rocking the party all night long.Isnt that a better idea?Plus there are sooo many cute and attractive design on mugs and tupperwares.Lets make it a trend from now on.YOUR SMALL CHANGES WOULD BRING A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE FUTURE OUR OUR MOTHER NATURE;)

thanks for sparing your time to read this post.thank you very much.


  1. 1 comment...the energy thing u drew kinda useless if u dropped n broke the mug? hahaha. and one more make ur msg clearer...PLS BLOODY USE A BIGGER FONT SIZE!!!!!!! SO SMALL!!!! CAPS OSO NO USE OK???!!!

  2. so environment friendly... gud gud.

    erm... i think im the opposite. full tank of my plane is 200L, which costs rm2000.


  3. ahahahaha. nvm la...u use ur earned money go buy full hybrid car...same oso la. haha.

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    and btw australia is banning plastic bags next year Jan! yuhoo... no more plastic bags!
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