Monday, September 15, 2008

Facial Day

Today is family day. As usual, dad will sure wake me up early in the morning 2 eat breakfast 2gether.Usually v will have either dim sum or nasi lemak with coffee. I love going coffee shop cause I like their white coffee very wakes me up instantaneously.hah,miracle isn’t it? But 2day dad plan 2 bring us eat dim sum.He is a typical Chinese man and he loves Chinese food.He never fancy Japanese food.He prefer the food served in hot I tink.but all his kids love Japanese food so much.haha.

So,v tried this new place as recommended by my uncle.Their ‘char siew pao’ is very tasty.Many ppl ordered that.Normally it is very pricy 2 eat dim sum.However, the dim sum here are just reasonable and delicious.Just that d service wasn’t that good compare 2 those restaurant.After that, sis fetch me 2 dermalogical 2 do facial.I seldom do facial but since I got a rm100 voucher during my birthday,so I decided not 2 waste it just like dat.Plus I have been working hard teaching those kids,so its okay 2 pamper myself once a while ryte?hehe.

Actually I kinda like their facial treatment. Though it’s sorta expensive but they provide many steps and u can totally relax urself there. Their massage technique is very good as well. Also,the mask that dey apply is very cooling and comfortable. I can feel that my skin is rehydrated after d treatment. It’s really amazing. I can feel dat the skin on my face is very satisfied with the result too! I realize that Im such a lazy girl and I never treat my skin well till dey become oily and dry now. I don’t buy many beauty products and even if I did, I definitely cun finish it all.It will b left at one place and wen I gt acne o smth den I will use it frequently. After that, it will b neglected by me again. Maybe I should start taking care of it before its too late. I tend to use busy as an excuse and sumtimes I even wish dat I could b a guy. Mybe those companies hould tink of some way 2 combine all d usages into one product.Then it would b so convenience 2 everyone.It reduces the space on our dressing table as well.isnt’t this is such a good idea?i would definitely b the 1st one 2 buy if there was such an item.hah. Den I dun have to waste so much time on applying those beauty products anymore! :p

Ohya forgot 2 wish all of u happy mooncake festival.Hope u all have a wonderful night with your family.Bcareful not 2 burn up d tanglungs yea!hehe.

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