Thursday, September 11, 2008


Everything doesnt seems good to me.My back is aching everytime i cough.Im feeling like an old woman suffering from osteoporosis or something.sigh~

After 2ml,i will b going bek 2 semenyih in about one week time.Aahhh.This means i will b leaving those kids and return 2 my student life again.i started 2 feel sad weneva i thought about it.i used 2 complain alot about this tiring job.n i sick alot after taking this job.However,all d joy that those kids give me is the most precious thing that i received in this two months time.Im gonna miss those std1 kids sooo much. i will miss their chubby face.silly me.heh

Next friday i will b going bek 2 uni.I need to check in my room plus cleaning.act i totally forgot about cleaning d room.i tot i can jz move in on sun.luckily yw reminded me last night.i wished that i could stay close with yw.if v stayed in different hall,it will b so difficult weneva i wanna find her chat.So, i managed 2 take a day off on next fri.however,i nid 2 replace d class 4 dem on wednesday.As i said,is really hard 2 earn HER money.i dun have time 2 shop 4 d stuff dat i wanna bring 2 dat place yet.mayb i will tink about it after i enter uni.really lazy 2 tink about it.

ohya,i haven go get d latest hong kong drama from my cousin bro!!!i must transfer dem all in2 my notebook o else i scare i will b super boring there.FYI,i cun survive without tv series.i nid 2 watch dem everytime i have my does help me in digestion.heh.sori,is my own theory.i noe u must b tinking dat this is such a crap ryte?hah.


  1. yeaaaaaaa.....goinbek nex fri...wehenever i tot of it..dam sad wei..haih..cuz tink bek of those dayz.tough dayz.gosh...waa..i tot u can jz leave on thurs...didnt noe u havta replace ler..ccc...better not fall in love wit kids..if not u definitely gona miss them!!haahha

  2. haih,hard 2 resist la.dey are soo cute 2 me.hopefully v still stay in d same hall least i wun feel so hard 2 past d time there.

  3. ok...simple solution for u tn...go make some children of ur own. no more missing. hahaha. i neutral. go back study no no, go back freedom yes yes

  4. she said is a group blog.hah.if i got kids den dey will suffer lah.i cun b a good mother.maybe my children have 2 take care of me in return.kekeke.