Thursday, September 4, 2008

Innocent Kids

I realize dat being a kid is really happy.dey can express their emotions in anyway dey want to in their own ways. Dey just don’t have 2 hide their feelings or sumting.dey r so true,unlike adults who tend to fake or hide their inner thoughts or feelings behind.well,v know that dey cun b blame cz this is how d society lyks.n v nid 2 change our attitude n behaviour 2 prevent ourself frm being hurt n blamed n so on.

Yday I was teaching std3 class BM and BI.there are this two talkative and naughty kids who used to tok non stop with each other without listening 2 me.really disrespectful but they are very used 2 b very hard 2 control both of dem since dey r offense here yea.but its d fact dat compare to gals,boys wun feel shy easily after being reprimanded. Dats what I observed from them. But yday both of dem din talk about games o challenge me 2gether by not doing wat I ask for.instead of dat both of dem actually quarrel,I mean a small one lah.hehe.n dey kept teasing each other n complaint 2 of dem called KW was busy writing a small note without doing the exercise I gave so I grab his note n told him dat I wun give him bek till he finish all his work. At first,he still gt ask me 2 return him the paper but I jz ignored the end,v both forgot about it and wen d class was finished,he just dash out of the room.hah.

When I went bek home,I realize that there was sumting in my pocket so I took out the note.i laughed wen I read the content and I showed iyt to my sis as well.v both laughed too.he was so naïve n cute.i really dunno wat 2 say.totally lost for words.His handwrtting is very very big n ugly.for example,he can onli write about 8questions in an A4 paper while others might have just used up onli half of d paper.well,the content of the note dat he wrote was:

I dun wanna fren with HX.

I remembered when he was writing that, he purposely came out of his place and look at the clock.hah.they are so funny.i mean wen dey angry u,dey dun wanna fren u but just temporary.i bet he wann gave this to HX o smth.i oso dunno why dey quarrel.mayb I will gave him bek this paper n ask him d reason as more thing,he is very notti n talkative in class but weneva he is with his mum,he will act lyk a good boy standing bhind his mum.hah.


  1. pretender kid. i'll whoop his ass if i see him. hate pretenders. hahahahaa. i hav one cousin juz like him. grr...

  2. He is cute... haha...
    gud experience as a teacher huh?!