Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another full stop

Yea, today is officially the end of my 3rd year pharmacy life in Nottingham.

Life's never easy ever since I choose this route.But, thanks to the support and strength given by many people who cares and loves me, I managed to go through each obstacles.I managed to stand up again and continue the journey.It's coming to an end soon.

One more year and then I have to say Hello to the working life.Many people keep reminding myself to appreciate the good times and bad times in the university.Well, I did try to enjoy it to the fullest.But, is not easy for my course. And I'm not a person with very strong body. Sometimes, I do hope that I could get involve in as much things as possible but I cun do much sumtimes due to some constraints. I am trying to improve myself into a better one.When I'm not able to do it, I will just say NO. I hate to see the disappointment on people's face. Everyone have their own situation and thoughts.So, there comes "understanding". To think in one person's shoes is difficult. And yet I hope that I can get that sometimes.

Well, after exam is gonna be very busy. There will be a trip to Paris.Yes, a trip with secondary school friends.I'm glad to have such wonderful friends around me. And is always so fun hanging around with people whom u knows and knows u.Is goood to be urself.Maybe there wun be so much chances for us to have such trip together in the future and thus, I will appreciate every single moment that we spend together.I bet this will be one of the good old memories in future:)

Post exam activities include packing. I will be spending my 4th year staying with my coursemates in a house.We named it "apple house" by the way.Am looking forward to our 4th year life.At least I can stay in a house with my friends and I can stop listening to the drunk UK mates yelling and screaming in the middle of the night or blasting loud and nasty music when all of us are struggling to store all the information into our mind.

I still have no idea how to settle my stuff cause I need to travel and I will come back afterwards to carry all my stuff to Birmingham airport.I hate this part the most.Happy cause FINALLY I CAN GO HOME and at the same time the "mini-size" momoko have to carry few heavy luggages all alone to the airport fulled of souvenirs to all my beloved family, relatives and frenssss.

2nite will have a good sleep and then I will have to sort out all the stuff that I listed out before I go for my summer trip and leave here.

During exam time, I've been thinking lotsa stuff to post in my blog but I just dun have enough time to do that.I hope once I settle my things, time will allow me to post something interesting to spice up everyone's life a little bit:)

Overall, I am very happy that I can go home on 15th of June!!!!!!!

I miss misan food so muchhhhh.Why life cun be simple and peaceful?Why people like to cause so much troubles to fulfill his ownself satisfaction?I just want peace for my country.

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