Thursday, June 3, 2010


Holiday is Fun cause there will be no more routinely wake up, eat , read, eat, read,eat, read, sleep life.But still, it can be more tiring as u will be full of activities that U wanna do,either for urself or with friends.

Today will start moving things into new house.Room is 3/4 empty.Yet, lotsa applications for me to fill it in and post.Less than 2weeks I will be home. Is kinda hard to imagine the day that I yearned for FINALLY arrived.Been dreaming alot about my family and home since I came here.

Last night had an outing with "Beeston+1 dunkirk" gang.This name was inspired by uwen.haha. Dinner plus movie.Prince of Persia was really nice.It was funny in between.Like the story plot.Too bad we came in late and have to sit at the 2nd row.I miss the time v "syiok sendiri" at certain scene. hehe.Like to add our own captions into the storyline.And pretend like we are the narrators.I think we giggled alot:)

I like summer holidays:)

Having dessert
My "tong sui" promoter.Wheeee
Sher ling,ee teen and uwen
Cute couple
Spot the evidence? Darren acted cute:P
me, ee teen and uwen
Andy and the idols (Both are potential singers)

Gok Hau

Me again:P

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