Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Friday

Morning woke up with both good and bad dreams about the same thing--- Dispensing result.

Wasn't aware of that till ET reminded me.

Woke up very very early with the heart pumping fast and went to open my lappie.

Start refreshing the inbox every 30minutes from 9 to 11am.No new message at all.

wait and wait and wait.

Feel so bothered and dashed to uwen's room.Kena teased and then slowly walk back and "DINGGGGG" the mail that I waited since the early morning appeared.

Without further ado, a sudden adrenaline rush makes me click on the mail instantaneously.5 seconds later, dashed to uwen's room once again to tell her to check her mail as well.



Then felt so relieved that 28th of May would mark the end of my 3rd year pharmacy course.

I just hate doing that same set of exercises anymore.

At least something good happened today.

Plus, 胡夏 was the champion in the singing competition.Was so happy for him.Last part was so touching.I like the last 2songs that he sang.

Was really shock why he chose aaron kwok's song in the 1st place.And is soooo not nice.haha.

Hope his 1st album will be nice:)

Time to sleep and say helo to Saturday!

Good nite everyoneee:)

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