Friday, May 14, 2010

I feel like slapping myself

I really feel like slapping myself very very very much.

I just feel that I am a typical random girl doing random things.

I'm gonna get screwwww up:(



  1. To help you, I wouldn't mind to do the slapping for you

  2. huh? what happened? exam? or something else? u still have time! dont stress urself up! u will get through this! xxxx

  3. thanks vy.oNly u dare to do me such a big favor!!!

    aiwoon:not exam.just a random things i did,I will tell u when i see u again.Are u coming nott anymore?Or going for a trip with u dad?

  4. You're welcome!
    Good luck in exams ppl! I will pass you my luck if I'm left with any..

  5. did u know im gonna go trip with my dad? yea, they are coming and im joining them to go few places..actually i've bought ticket to nott but now wasted lor..

    alright! let's talk all night when u come!

  6. woww, I kinda look forward to gossiping.hehehe.I wish exam faster finish.Cun wait to go paris with u:)
    Uwen told me aout ur trip with dad.Hope u will have fun yea.Im so jealous.hehe.muaxxx

  7. btw vy, have u done with ur exam??when is the last paper?then u will be busy with other things???