Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice QUote

"Reach for the Stars and you'll reach the Moon. Reach for the Sky and you'll be on Ground Zero"

I remembered CJ told me this before.Indeed, I think this is very useful to me in facing my problems in life.

I'm glad to meet someone that make some changes in my life.

I hope that I could make changes in someone's else life as well.

One of the the reason I pick up Pharmacy career.


Is not easy to get what I wanted.

Yet, no harm to keep trying

Maybe now I still dun und the reason for working so hard

But, as time goes by

The answer will pop up without realising

If you cun find the answer now

Just dun keep asking why

Just accept it and move on

Is not easy to accept but still

That's the only way


Just do it.

Just dun bother so much.

B Happy:)

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