Friday, May 21, 2010


Means "thank you" in cantonese.

Sorry for breaking my own promise but I just feel the urge to write something here.

2ml exam is LAW. And I'm diligently practising and revising all the questions provided by the lecturer and yet the SOMEONE living at the 1st floor is soooooo kind to test my professionalism to make sure that I am a good pharmacist who will not make mistakes that will cause big harm to the patient or sell illegal drugs by BLASTING HIS MUSIC TO THE MAX OUT OF THE MAXXXXXX!!!!


Thanks alot yea.

I believe that after this I can work in such a way that even with lotsa distractions and annoyed, I can still make sure that I don't break any single law under the Medicinal Act 1968.I'm sure that RPSGB will be happy to have such pharmacist to be registered under their board.hahaha.

Ok, I know its too early for me to day dream.I should get back to revision.

God Bless.

I wanna pass my law exam 2ml:)

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