Monday, May 3, 2010


Everytime during my revision, my mind will always go somewhere else thinking most of the things which I will never ever thought of.I should named it as pre-exam syndrome.

But when I deep down thinking of those stuff, I get more and more confused.Then lots of questions will flow out which I failed to sort it out.

Of course, not only all these weird stuff that drive me crazy.There are peoples and foods and post-exam activities that keep entering my brain everytime I tell myself to be focus.I start to lose control of myself.I wish there was a chapter in the bnf providing guide for such case.

Exam in less than 20days.Yet I seemed not well prepared for it due to my lack of concentration.I just wished that it will go away soon.I wanan go home so badly.I miss my bed, my kapo and everything bek there.But all seem so far now and I have no choice but to face the reality.I need to get myself bek to the stdy track and self-encourage.

I will go through it.

Meanwhile, say goodbye and I will b bek again after 28th of May.Hopefully no more sad post and my next 3months post will be fulled of all the good stuff that I am going to do in my home sweet home.muaxxxxx


  1.'s not's normal..i think most of us are having these symptoms..

    i cant wait to go home too!!!already have a list of things to do!!!

  2. Oh really?Yea I heard about u and your list.So exciting.

    3weeks later I will be seeing you again.I cun wait already.Meanwhile, take care and make sure u do well in ur exams too:)